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Twitter Trolls Akshay Kumar For His Message On Indian Civic Body

BP World Bureau | Jul 08 2019 11:36:33 AM
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NEW DELHI: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who praised Mumbai civic body on Twitter has been trolled by netizens for his Canadian citizenship.

Akshay Kumar was passing information through Twitter that the Mumbai's municipal body would accept suggestions and grievances through twitter that the people could directly address their problems.

But the micro-blogging site users hijacked the Twitter thread, with most of them using derogatory language against the actor for holding a Canadian passport.

People were asking him that by holding a Canadian citizenship why he should be talking about Indian civic body.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC had earlier last month re-activated its Twitter handle just before the onset of the Mumbai monsoon which leads to several problems for citizens every year, including massive waterlogging and huge traffic jams.

And Akshay tweeted, “The BMC is now on twitter as @mybmc, you can now tweet your suggestions/ grievances to BMC directly and get them addressed. Try it now to make your voice heard directly," tweeted Mr Kumar”.

Netizens came up with comments like, “Jai Canada”, along with manipulated photos of actor wearing a jacket with the Canadian flag on it.

While another user tweeted a photo of Akshay and likened him to Lord Voldemort, the antagonist from the immensely popular Harry Potter books and movie franchise.

Earlier when the same kind of issue regarding his citizenship came up, he said that people were creating negativity for unwanted issues. He had also said the issue was "personal and of no consequence to others".

He added, “It is also equally true that I have not visited Canada in the last seven years. I work in India, and pay all my taxes in India”.

Akshay further said that for all these years, he did not want to prove his love for India, but the citizenship issue have created the problems.

“I find it disappointing that my citizenship issue is constantly dragged into needless controversy, a matter that is personal, legal, non-political, and of no consequence to others”, he added.