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All-Woman Pilot Team To Fly Over North Pole, World’s Longest Air Route

BP World Bureau | Jan 09 2021 03:14:46 PM
Image credits: Twitter

An all-woman team of pilots is all set to make history by flying over the North Pole on the world’s longest air route.

 Air India’s all-woman pilot team will be flying over the North Pole on their way to Bengaluru from San Francisco, covering the longest air route, which is over nearly 16,000 km.

While Air India has traveled over this path before, this is the first a team of women will be covering this space. 

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AI Captain Zoya Agarwal, who will be commanding the flight is the youngest commander in the world on Boeing 777 and she said that she is humbled at this opportunity. 

She wants women to believe in themselves despite societal pressures.