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What To Know About Coronavirus Mutant Variant

BP World Bureau | Mar 25 2021 12:53:17 PM
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NEW DELHI: Union Health Ministry said that they have detected a novel variant of the Sars-Cov-2, virus that causes COVID-19.

This has been detected in seven states of India including Maharashtra which sees a second wave of the infection. 

In their briefings, the Ministry said that this is an addition to three other "variants of concern" (VOCs) - first noticed in the UK, South Africa and Brazil - that have been found in at least 18 states and union territories (UTs).

COVID-19 virus variant carries mutations, E484Q and L452R, which have separately been linked to characteristics that make the virus spread more readily and defeat immunity from a vaccine.

After Maharashtra, which recorded 206 cases, Delhi has the highest number of infections.

Researchers did not establish whether the second wave is the result of the mutant virus infection. 

S K Singh, director of the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), said that 771 cases of VOCs have been detected in a total of 10,787 positive samples.