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Dr Supraja Dharini And Chennai’s Largest Sea Turtle Conservation Programme

BP World Bureau | Feb 11 2021 01:36:34 PM
Image credits: Twitter

CHENNAI: Dr Supraja Dharini is the Founder and Chairperson of TREE Foundation which is a trust for environmental education, conservation and community development to help protect Olive ridley turtles.

She chose to work on this after coming across sea turtles. 

Olive Ridley sea turtles are the second smallest turtles in the world. They have a tendency to return to the same land that they were born on to further lay their own eggs.

Dr Supraja found a sea turtle on Chennai’s Neelankarai beach one day, which was dead, full of injuries on its body. 

With her work, she conjured an entire movement as she is leading the TREE Foundation.