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Ellen DeGeneres: From An Icon To A Villain

BP World Bureau | Aug 03 2020 12:14:30 PM
Image credits: Twitter

LOS ANGELES: American talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres is currently the latest target in the social media’s cancel culture and reckoning. The mantra of her popular feel-good 'Ellen Show' is "be kind to one another" but the allegations that continue to face the light prove otherwise.

Recently, Warner Bros. Television authorities launched an internal probe into various allegations including sexual harassment at workplace, racism, firing of employees who took medical leave, low salary, hostile working conditions, and mistreatment from Ellen herself.

While Ellen sent an e-mail to all her staff apologising for the hostility, her show's executive producers Andy Lassner and Mary Connelly denied the claims of mistreatment of staff. 

Ellen DeGeneres served as a trailblazer in the late '90s and early 2000s in her fight for LGBTQIA people. She came out as a lesbian in 1997 and also made her character from sitcom 'Ellen' a lesbian as well. 

She faced massive backlash and brickbats but found her success eventually. After her commercial success with the 2003 Oscar-winning animated film 'Finding Nemo', Ellen started the daytime talk show 'Ellen Show.' 

Apart from the fun games and inspiring talks, the 'Ellen Show' was built on major charity work. Ellen's brand itself was the kindest and most down-to-earth person in Hollywood. 

However, her reputation faced scrutiny after comedian Kevin T Porter asked his Twitter followers to say something that Ellen did that was wrong or mean, and he promised to donate two dollars for every tweet to the foodbank. 

Several followers who knew Ellen or worked with Ellen came out with their stories, notably about ellen having a sensitive nose and that she wanted people to chew gums before talking to her. Another person who worked at a restaurant wrote that Ellen wanted to get her fired because she had chipped nails. 

One woman, who made a bust that looked liked Ellen, wrote that Ellen publicly ridiculed her bust on TV instead of praising her. 

Porter chose to donate $600 to the food bank after all the tweets he had received. At the time, people didn't take him or the tweets seriously. Ellen's fans vehemently defended her.

Then, Ellen's former bodyguard Tom Majercak said that Ellen mistreated him during the 2014 Oscars where she was hosting. He added that, only few people were permitted to talk to her and that too from her circle of A-list celebrity friends or executive members of her show. She treated people "below pay grade" coldly and she was mean.

Ellen's treatment of guests also came to notice. When she confronted actress Dakota Johnson for inviting her to 30th birthday bash, Johnson responded by saying that she did but Ellen didn't show up.

Ellen constantly made fun of actress Sofia Vergara's English accent. Though it seemed light earlier as Vergara always took it sportingly. But during the reunion of 'Modern Family' cast, Ellen said that Vergara's English has gotten only worse despite being in Hollywood for a decade. Ellen probably meant it as a joke but Vergara looked uncomfortable.

The worst act done by Ellen was to singer Mariah Carey in 2008. Ellen was coercing Carey into admitting that she was pregnant and even offered her a glass of alcohol. Carey was reluctant to talk about her pregnancy due to her history of miscarriages. As it turns out, Carey suffered from a miscarriage and ellen faced brickbats for brining up her pregnancy.

Ellen also teased singer Taylor Swift for dating several boys and for having a serious commitment. One time, she reduced Swift to tears. 

After COVID-19 Pandemic,

Ellen continued to tape her show and in one episode, she compared her home to being in prison, for which she faced criticisms as she had all the luxuries. Her show authorities let go of some of the staff members and chose to hire another media company called keycode media instead of giving that opportunity to the staff.

30 staff members did not get any notification regarding their employment status.

Some of the staff members' pay was reduced by 60% despite the 'Ellen Show' being very profitable. 

Staff members had earlier complained about being underpaid, overworked, and in a toxic work environment. One staff member started a 'gofundme' page to get money for a personal reason. Ellen executives stopped him saying that it will harm Ellen's brand as opposed to helping him. 

Two black women said that they faced racial insults over their box braids. Another person alleged sexual harassment at the workplace. Another employee was fired after he took a month-long medical leave due to a car accident. He said that Ellen should be more responsible about how her staff members are treated. 

As of now, netizens are not pleased by this news about Ellen and there are reports about the 'Ellen Show' being canceled though executive producer Andy Lassner denied these claims.