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Gender Discrimination Starts At 10 And Lasts Till Next Generation: Study

BP World Bureau | Oct 24 2020 01:03:27 PM
Image credits: Twitter

Children are subjected to gender inequality when they are as young as 10 years old and it lasts until the next generation through practice, according to a study published in The Lancet Global Health journal.

With funds and support from UNICEF, the researchers focused on 87 indicators measuring health, education, the transition to employment, protection, and safety of home life.

Dr Elissa Kennedy, co-director of maternal, child and adolescent health at the Burnet Institute in Australia, said that there are very different risks or opportunities for girls and boys, and these gender inequalities persisting into adulthood. 

This study analysed children from 40 low and middle-income countries in Asia and the Pacific, including India.