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Hyderabad College Concedes To Protests, Withdraws Controversial Dress Code

BP World Bureau | Sep 16 2019 04:52:32 PM
Image credits: BP Creation

Hyderabad’s St Francis Women’s College that faced criticism for reintroducing an old dress code for women has withdrawn its decision to make the controversial dress code mandatory. 

The college had recently brought back an old dress code which made it mandatory for students to wear kurtas that are below the knee. The dress code was enforced from August 1, 2019. The management backed the new rule saying that “women's thighs attract men”.

Students have been protesting against the new rule as it was difficult for them to change their wardrobe in the middle of a semester and also the rule was a result of the regressive patriarchal mindset.

The college appointed a female security guard on Friday to check the length of the kurta before allowing the students to enter the college premises. The video of the said process went viral on social media. Principle Sr Sandra Horta was also seen in the video. 

Students attempted to hold discussions with the management. But they were turned away. After the video drew attention to the issue, students protested holding placards saying that the college management was indulging in moral policing.

The management withdrew the rule on Monday afternoon.