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India's Sex Ratio Improves After Failing 3 Years, Delhi Sees Worst

BP World Bureau | Jul 10 2020 06:10:45 PM
Image credits: BP creatives

NEW DELHI: Sample Registration System's (SRS) latest data revealed that India's skewed sex ratio has improved for the first time, after falling steadily for three consecutive years.

It is due to the contribution of states such as Andhra Pradesh (920), Assam at 925, Jammu and Kashmir at 927, and Jharkhand at 923.

Proper education, awareness programmes run by the central and state governments are likely to have contributed to this improvement.

Sex ratio is recorded as the number of females to every 1000 males in a state. 

The number of females is dramatically lower than males across India except in Kerala and Pondicherry, where the female population is higher than males.

Low sex ratio is due to sex-selective abortion of females or murder of female babies due to rampant social discrimination against women, resulting in a preference for sons.