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With 17.5mn Spread Across Globe, Indian Diaspora Becomes Largest In World: UN

BP World Bureau | Sep 18 2019 05:38:08 PM

With an estimated 17.5 million people spread across the globe, Indians constituted the largest migrants in the world, said a UN data adding that the total number of migrants from across the world surged to 272 million.

A dataset, the International Migrant Stock 2019, released by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) provided the latest estimate of international migrants based on age, gender and origin.

In the year 2019, India is leading the list of countries with high number of international migrants with 17.5 million persons living outside the nation.

The top ten nations in the list are as follows; India, Mexico, China, Russia, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ukraine, Philippines and Afghanistan.

Mexico has the second-largest diaspora (11.8 million people) with most migrants in the USA and Canada.


The number of women migrants constitute 4.8% and the average age is 47 years. Most of the migrants living in India are from Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

Europe has the highest number of migrants followed by North America. As a nation, the United States of America has the highest number of international migrants (51 million) which is almost 19% population of the world.

Under-Secretary-General Liu Zhenmin, United Nations (DESA), opined that the data helps them under the important role of migrants and migration in the development of the country of origin and destination.

Women are less than half of the world's migrants. and the number fell from 49% in 2000 to 48% in 2019.

North America and Europe host the highest number of women migrants. Women usually move with their families as opposed to moving on individual basis. Women are also highest in the number of ofasulym seekers.

One out of every seven migrant is below 20 years of age.