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Kerala will include lessons about bodyshaming awareness in its curriculum: Edu min

BP World Bureau | Nov 15 2022 10:30:03 AM

The Kerala government said on Monday that it will include teachings against body shaming and awareness campaigns into the curriculum to sensitise children.

Body shaming is a cruel conduct, according to state education minister V Sivankutty, and some victims have lost their minds as a result. He claimed that many people use derogatory remarks in a kind and friendly manner but are unaware of their negative repercussions. 

“No matter what the explanation is, body shaming phrases are worst,” he said in his Facebook post.

The minister said recently someone commented on his photo asking him to reduce his tummy. “This happens in our society at various levels, though it is said in a loving and sweet manner. I replied body shaming is a heinous act. There are many of us who have lost sanity being victims of body shaming,” he said adding that a healthy discussion is needed on this and the government will raise enough awareness and try to include this in school curriculum. “We should end this. Let us be modern,” he said in the post.