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Nirbhaya Rapists Executed 7 Years After Crime, Asha Devi Says Nirbhaya Got Justice

BP World Bureau | Mar 20 2020 09:58:48 AM
Image credits: Twitter

NEW DELHI: Four men who gang-raped and tortured a 23-year-old paramedical student in a moving bus have been hanged till death. Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma, Mukesh Singh and Akshay Thakur have been hanged in Tihar jail. Four men were hanged simultaneously as per the court order which declared the incident as the rarest of the rare case. 

The victim's mother Asha Devi called this a major victory for her daughter and all the women in India who have faced such atrocities. 

The incident took place on Dec 16th, 2012, where a 23-year-old woman and her friend were attacked by five men and a juvenile. 

When she tried to fight back, they inserted an iron rod in her private parts, leading to permanent damage to her organs including her intestine. 

She was left on the road to die but she survived long enough to give her statement to the police. She succumbed to her injuries on Dec 29th 2012. 

This incident caused massive national outrage and the girl was dubbed as "Nirbhaya." Delhi saw massive protests by women and men on the streets for days, demanding justice for Nirbhaya and safety for women at all times. 

The incident led to nationwide reckoning regarding how women are treated by men and the lack of attention by the authorities. Because the bus was moving around at a time when it was not supposed to and the police dismissed the complaints of the driver who said that it was stolen from him.

The incident led to the formation of stricter laws against rape and sexual assault, notably Sec 376E which punishes men who committed sexual assaults on multiple women. 

One of the perpetrators Ram Singh committed suicide. The juvenile was released after three years in Juvenile Justice Home. 

Mukesh Singh and Akshay Thakur were cleaners of the bus, Vinay Sharma was a gym instructor and Pawan Gupta was a fruit seller. 

Four of them tried different legal remedies including the delay of death sentence by submitting mercy petitions simultaneously. 

President rejected the mercy petitions and the last legal remedy was rejected by the court yesterday evening. 

Asha Devi said that though her daughter is no more, her voice will live on. She hopes that mothers will teach their sons not to rape women. She will also fight in the supreme court about the delaying of the death sentence and that convicts should go for legal remedies together if they are co-convicts.