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Priya Ahluwalia Receives Queen Elizabeth II Award

BP World Bureau | Feb 26 2021 07:01:54 PM
Image credits: Twitter

Fashion designer Priya Ahluwalia has won the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, for her work as a “young champion of sustainability and diversity”.

Indian-Nigerian origin British citizen Ahluwalia was presented the award by the queen’s daughter-in-law Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, during a virtual event at London Fashion Week.

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British Fashion Council (BFC), the organisation which helps in selecting a winner, said in their statement that Ahluwalia was a “progressive thinking leader and agent for change”.

Ahluwalia launched her brand in 2018 and before that, she was known for her photo-book ‘Sweet Lassi‘.

In her book, she mentioned the second-hand garment industry and the volume of waste clothing consumers generate.