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Not Many People Take Short Films Seriously in Our Country: Sayani Gupta

BP World Bureau | Dec 01 2020 10:43:30 AM
Image credits: Twitter

Sayani Gupta's short film 'Shameless' has been chosen for the Oscars race in the live-action short film category. The actress is ecstatic as Oscar is one of the two biggest dreams. The other one being a National Award.

Gupta said that short films do not get enough attention or appreciation in India. "You make it, not thinking that this will happen," says the actress. "A lot of people don’t take short films seriously, in our country itself," she added.

Gupta says she is excited more about getting the work done than the movie being nominated for an award. She added that it may sometimes sound philosophical and fake. 

She further said that it is definitely nice to be nominated and received an award. She recalled that she has received quite a few awards in the lockdown months.