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Women Who Don't Fall In Stereotypical Beauty Standards Discriminated In Harassment Case: Study

BP World Bureau | Jan 20 2021 12:17:14 PM
Image credits: pinterest

Women who don't fall in the stereotypical beauty standards are less likely to be believed in sexual abuse and sexual harassment cases, according to a study by students from the University of Washington. 

Stereotypical beauty standards are associated with particular skin colour, youth, thinness or other factors like hairstyle, choice of attire and makeup. 

Stereotypical standards also perceive "ideal" women as weak or incompetent. 

This study comes in post-MeToo Era where women are challenging sexual harassment and abuse as a misuse of privilege by men in power. 

A researcher named Bryn Brandt-Law said that women won't don't fall in such standards are less likely to be believed and are discriminated against or neglected.