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Supreme Court Guidelines To Lower Courts Based On Gender Perspective in SouthEast Asia

BP World Bureau | Mar 21 2021 09:01:48 AM
Image credits: Twitter

NEW DELHI: Supreme Court set guidelines based on the Gender Perspective in SouthEast Asia by the International Commission of Jurists asking lower courts to rule out stereotypes about women while dealing with sexual violence. 

Stereotypes SC asked lower courts to rule out include; 

  1. Women need protection because of the disadvantage they have in terms of physical strength compared to men. 
  2. Women are incapable of making decisions on their own.
  3. Men should make family decisions and they are culturally the head of the family. 
  4. Indian culture expects women to be submissive and obedient. 
  5. Good women maintain sexual chastity. 
  6. Motherhood is every woman's duty and that it is their general desire. 
  7. Women should be in charge of their children's upbringing and care, not men. 
  8. Blaming sexual violence on women based on the time they went out and what they were wearing. 
  9. Women who indulge in drinking and smoking habits, "ask for it." 
  10. The necessity to corroborate women's testimony because they are "too emotional" and tend to dramatise the events. 
  11. Doubting testimonial evidence by women who were otherwise sexually active.
  12. Assuming consent from women because of the lack of evidence of physical harm in sexual offence cases.