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The Great Indian Kitchen: A Showcase Of Women’s Cultural Oppression

BP World Bureau | Jan 19 2021 11:20:46 AM
Image credits: Facebook

As the name may suggest, 'The Great Indian Kitchen' is not a movie about food. It is a movie about how a woman's life is chained to her duties, largely in the kitchen, and how she is oppressed.

The characters don't have names. The film begins with a big fat traditional Kerala wedding and the audience are introduced to the groom (played by Suraj Venjaramoodu) and the bride (played by Nimisha Sajayan).

What follows is something that happens all across India. While the husband's life continues without changes, the wife's life becomes domestic slavery. She is a dancer who wants to pursue her passion professionally. But everyone pushes her to not act in her self-interest any longer because she is married.

The events in the movie simply showcase the cultural oppression that has been perfected over generations to keep women subservient. She is made to feel inferior and dirty while menstruating. She is threatened with passive contempt and righteous condemnation. she is overwhelmed with chores that she cannot think about herself.

The director has taken time with the narration. The slow pace adds to the experience and the audience finally realises how a woman's basic human rights are taken away after marriage.