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What To Know About UP Population Control Bill

BP World Bureau | Jul 11 2021 09:01:12 AM
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LUCKNOW, UTTAR PRADESH: Uttar Pradesh state is all set to launch the new population policy 2021-2030, on July 11 which is observed as World Population Day.

Efforts will be made to increase contraceptive measures' accessibility issued under the Family Planning Programme and provide a proper system for women to access safe abortion.

Uttar Pradesh Health Department made the draft of the population policy based on the findings of the National Family Health Survey-4. UP is also the most populous state in India. 

As per the new law; incentives will be given to couples who adopt the two-child norm by undergoing voluntary sterilization operations upon themselves.

Incentives they get include; soft loan for construction or purchasing a house at nominal rates of interest, rebate on charges for utilities like water, electricity, house tax, etc. 

Controversial nature comes in the form of debarring them from; 

  1. Benefiting all government-sponsored welfare schemes.
  2. Contesting election to local bodies.
  3. Applying for government jobs under the state government.
  4. Getting a promotion in a government job.

Added to that, his or her ration card would be limited to four members, and he or she shall be ineligible to receive any kind of government subsidy.

About the law, UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath said that necessary efforts should be made for population stabilisation. This is to ensure that demographic balance in all the communities is maintained, easy availability of advanced health facilities, and to bring down the maternal and child mortality rate.