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Yardley's Study Shows How Men Elude Murder Charges With 'Rough Sex'

BP World Bureau | Nov 12 2020 01:19:23 PM
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Criminologist Dr Elizabeth Yardley did her research on the highly misused form of defence and how it delivered massive injustice to women who were brutally raped and killed by men, especially by their partners. 

For her research, she analysed data relating to 43 women killed in Britain between 2000 and 2018 in cases where perpetrators had been convicted of murder, manslaughter or culpable homicide. 

Her research called ‘sex games gone wrong’ was published in the international, peer-reviewed journal Violence Against Women.

She pointed out the Natalie Connolly case where the perpetrator John Broadhurst brutally assaulted her and raped her with a bottle, resulting in 40 different types of injuries on her body.

He used the 'rough sex' and was charged with manslaughter, receiving just over three years in prison. 

Severa; men have argued about engaging in sado-masochistic sex and that their partners had consented to the act. 

Several men have got away with brutal forms of murder.

Natalie Connolly case led to outrage from women's rights sections who demanded the removal of 'rough sex' defence. 

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This year, the United Kingdom has removed or outlawed the 'rough sex' defence in their landmark Domestic Abuse Bill.