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High-stress level; Female employees plan to leave jobs

BP World Bureau | May 01 2022 08:01:20 PM
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Mumbai: Globally, many women employees are planning to leave their jobs due to unsuitable working conditions. According to the ‘Women@Work 2022: A Global Outlook’ report by Deloitte, 56 per cent of female employees say they are exhausted by the lack of flexible working hours and high-stress levels compared with the previous year. The report is based on the collected data from 5,000 women (500 from India) across 10 countries and was surveyed between 2021 November and 2022 February.

As per the data, more than half of the respondents wish to quit their job in the next two years and nine per cent of them may stay for more than five years. The survey also revealed that 60 per cent of female employees who work in a hybrid environment often feel they have been excluded from taking important decisions or meetings. In addition, when working with gender equality leaders the women employees feel higher levels of job satisfaction and comfortable feel.

The report is a signal of the mass resignation of female staff at the global level. Also, an alert for all companies to ensure better working conditions for employees, especially women. Employers can provide professional support and a favourable working schedule for them.