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Is India hungry or can it change hunger?

BP World Bureau | May 08 2022 01:28:18 AM
Image Credits: Open Source

India is the second-largest producer of rice and wheat in the world. Recently, Indian PM Narendra Modi announced that India had sufficient food stocks and was ready to ship food to the countries suffering from the rising price of food materials due to the Ukraine conflict. Ukraine and Russia are the major wheat exporters in the world. India is one of the affordable global suppliers of wheat and rice and already supplying rice to around 150 countries. From 2020 to 2021, India has exported seven million tonnes of wheat to 68 countries.

Ashok Gulati, a popular agriculture professor, said that if the World Trade Organisation allows the Indian government to export food stocks, this will reduce the burden on other countries. According to Harish Damodaran, a senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research, due to fertiliser shortage and unpredictable weather conditions including excessive rain and extreme heat, production will be below. Maybe the Centre overestimates the outcome. The price of fertiliser is also increased due to rising gas prices globally. “In India, more than three million kids are not getting enough nutritious food. Therefore, no one can distribute the food embarked for the subsidised food system”, Harish added.