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More people died from covid-19 than official figures globally: WHO

BP World Bureau | May 06 2022 11:17:21 PM
Image Credits: Open Source

According to the World Health Organisation, globally, three times more people died due to covid-19 than official figures. WHO announced that there were 14.9 million additional covid-19 deaths by the end of 2021. The excess mortality rate indicates that the insufficient healthcare facilities or the people could not access proper treatment. Most countries do not maintain and report covid-19 related death rates and cases properly. Before the pandemic also, the countries did not register death cases correctly.

WHO noted that half of the deaths are not reported or counted by India until now. India reported its death toll for January 2020 to December 2021 was 480,000, WHO considered this rate is very low as compared to the original data. In addition, India has also criticised the methodology of international experts who have been working with the death-related data and used national and international data, local details and statistical models that estimate the incomplete data. Around the globe, almost 4.7 million people died due to covid-19 between May and June 2021. As per the report by WHO, around three million people have died of covid in India.