President Joe Biden Talks About Single Parenthood Struggle

BP World Bureau | Oct 16 2021 09:21:03 AM
Image credits: Twitter

WASHINGTON, US: United States President Joe Biden recalled his struggles as a single parent while dealing with child care services. 

He made a deeply personal appeal for a transformation of America's lagging child care services.

At the age of 30, Biden became a single parent to his sons Beau and Hunter. 

His wife Neilia and daughter Naomi were killed in a deadly car crash. He was elected as a senator at the time. 

With his life struggles, Biden demonstrated the importance of helping parents struggling with work and raising families.

During a speech in Connecticut he said that he could not afford the child care on a senator's salary, forcing him to commute daily between Washington and Delaware.

"It made me realize how difficult it is for the vast majority of people who need help," said Biden.

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