Stacey Abrams And Black People's Role In Trump's Defeat

BP World Bureau | Nov 09 2020 02:43:13 PM
Image credits: Twitter

WASHINGTON, US: President elect Joe Biden acknowledged that he won because he had African Americans backing and promised his support for the community in return. 

This election is reported to be the victory of the Black Lives Matter movement and politicians notably Stacey Abrams.

Abrams is a tax attorney, a romance novelist, a political scriptwriter, a research assistant, organizer of two voters' drives, and made a political documentary.

Abrams played a crucial role in turning Georgia to Biden's favour. Georgia as a state was mostly conservative and supported the Republican party. 

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Abrams' work in the state helped it overturn and turn blue during this election. 

Abrams, along with her former campaign manager, Lauren Groh-Wargo, wrote a 16-page long document that served as a blueprint for Biden with strategies for Georgia. 

During the elections, Abrams strongly made a case for Georgia and it emerged as an important battleground.

Georgia also had seen voter suppression, notably black communities. 

She said that 45% of those new voters are under the age of 30, 49% are people of colour and all 800,000 came on the rolls.

President Trump's niece Mary L Trump also praised Abrams's work. Mary Trump had exposed her uncle's dangerous politics in her new book. 

President Trump lost the black community's support after his regressive comments after Charlottesville white supremacist march, Black Lives Matter and constant attacks on anti-fa. 

Added to that, women, especially the minorities, face the threats of fundamentalism in the form of the Affordable Care Act repeal and turning of Roe-vs Wade.