Thousands of Afghans Trying to Leave the Country, Images from Pak border Surfaces

BP World Bureau | Sep 14 2021 10:39:51 AM
Image credits: General Source

Since the Taliban took over Kabul, thousands of Afghan nationals have been trying to leave the country through borders with Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

NDTV released satellite images that show thousands of Afghans stranded at the Chaman border in Spin Boldak between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The crowd was in a "desperate rush" to leave Afghanistan. 

Other key border crossings - Shir Khan on the border with Tajikistan, Islam Qala on the border with Iran, and Torkham on the border with Pakistan - also witnessed similar crowds. The images were taken on September 6. Pakistan has closed down the Chaman border post recently.

Families were seen with bags and belongings. Many have abandoned their homes in Kabul and other cities and moved into makeshift camps with their children. Thousands are waiting at crossings for their turn to leave.

Speaking about the situation in Afghanistan, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Washington will formulate its role in the future of Afghanistan in the next few weeks. He added that the country is looking at its relationship with Pakistan considering the country is harboring Taliban members.

Pakistan has had ties with the Taliban for the past 20 weeks. The charges are denied by Islamabad but there are Pakistan terrorists in the recently formed Taliban government. Pakistan is considered to be one of the two countries to have the most influence over the Taliban. Qatar is known for housing Taliban offices in Doha.