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Chinese report blames US’ interest on US war on TikTok

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 04 2020

A China report blamed the US’ indolence towards China’s technologies over the bargaining on short-video app TikTok. The report, published in Chinese Govt backed newspaper, said it was the US zero-sum vision of ‘American first’, leaving China no choice but to submit its technologies in the war on techs. Microsoft is in talks to buy parts of TikTok.

India’s‌ ‌economic‌ ‌recovery‌ ‌found‌ ‌interrupted‌ ‌

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 04 2020

India’s economic recovery is reported to have been sabotaged by the rising number of COVID cases. Reports suggested that the economic activity in July has been found not only slower than previous year, but recovery activity in May and June was also interrupted. Reuters’ poll claimed that India’s economy may be in a contraction mode till Dec quarter.

Amruta Fadnavis feels Mumbai is not safe any more

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 04 2020

Amruta Fadnavis, the wife of former CM Devendra Fadnavis, tweeted that she felt Mumbai is no more safe to live. She referred to the handling of Sushant Singh Rajput death case by the Mumbai police to reach this conclusion. Her relegating comments on Mumbai police were not gone well as ruling Shiv Sena and NCP bestowed a series of criticism on her.

COVID likely to widen India’s fiscal deficit this year

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 04 2020

India’s fiscal deficit is forecasted to surge over 6.8% of Gross Domestic Product in this fiscal due to the COVID caused economic impact. The Controller General of Accounts said country’s fiscal deficit widened to 83% of Budget Estimate in the April-June quarter. It has cited a decline in tax revenue amid higher expenditure for COVID relief.

Duchess of Sussex celebrates her birthday today

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 04 2020

American-born member of British family, philanthropist and former actor Meghan, Duchess of Sussex was born as Rachel Meghan Markle on August 4, 1981. She shot to fame for her role as Rachel Zane in Suits. An outspoken feminist, she has addressed issues of gender inequality and her lifestyle website The Tig featured a column profiling influential women.

Irfana invests salary to provide sanitary kits in Srinagar

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 03 2020

While others distribute essential food items to needy amid COVID lockdown, Irfana Zargar is doing her bit that is to provide free sanitary kits to women and girls in Srinagar. She launched an initiative called ‘Eva Safety Kit’ to distribute the kits. Irfana has invested half her salary in purchasing menstrual products and provided it to unprivileged.