Graphic novels you should read after watching ‘Heartstopper’

TeamCitymapia | Jun 12, 2022

Netflix has a new hit queer show called 'Heartstopper'. The uplifting teen drama has left the audience wanting more such intimate and emotional moments. The good news is that graphic novels have been filling that space for the LGBTQ+ community for a long time. Some of the best ones are ‘Bloom’, ‘Nimona’, ‘Cheer Up: Love And Pom Poms’, ‘Stone Fruit’, ‘The Girl From The Sea: A Graphic Novel’, ‘Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me’, ‘Pixels Of You’, ‘Fun Home’, ‘Spinning’, and ‘Check, Please!’.

Everything you need to know before reading tough topics

TeamCitymapia | May 13, 2022

The definition of a tough topic varies for each person based on their experiences and emotions. For many, it often involves a traumatic trigger and others just feel overwhelmed by nonfiction books. If you still want to learn more about such topics, pick mornings to read them rather than before bed. You should pick a comforting environment and format (digital/print/audio) to tailor the experience as you want. Prepare a soothing TBR to read if a page affects you too much. You can also get a reading buddy.

Popular pop-up books that will keep children entertained

TeamCitymapia | May 03, 2022

A well-designed pop-up book is a joy to look at because there is something magical about a book with depth. Children also love to see the pages come alive, and it will keep their attention for longer than a normal illustrated book. Some of the best ones to try are 'The Magical Pop-Up World of Winnie-the-Pooh', 'My First Baby Signs', 'Colors: My First Pop-Up', 'Cinderella', 'Circus: A Pop-Up Adventure', 'Tokyo Pop-up Book: A Comic Adventure with Neko the Cat', and 'The Hunter who was King and Other African Tales'.

Authors love when readers give an online review, Here is why

TeamCitymapia | May 01, 2022

Authors and publishing houses often ask readers to review and rate their books on online platforms like Goodreads, Storygraph, or even Google. This is not only because they want to know your feedback or want to feel good. Authors want your reviews to act as social proofs so that other readers consider them as a recommendation. Potential readers often have tall TBRs and they need your help to choose the next read. Online reviews influence algorithms. This is crucial for smaller publishers and new authors.

Queer romance novels that are no less than a rom-com movie

TeamCitymapia | May 01, 2022

As much as readers love some good angst in a love story, romantic comedies possess the power to soothe your mood and comfort you like none other. Queer rom-com novels are no different and they also help you see the LGBTQ+ community as normal people. Some such books are 'The Charm Offensive' by Alison Cochrun, 'I'm So Not Over You' by Kosoko Jackson, 'Delilah Green Doesn't Care' by Ashley Herring-Blake, 'Love and Other Disasters' by Anita Kelly, and 'D'Vaughn and Krisk Plan a Wedding' by Chencia C. Higgins.

Revived TV shows that proved to be better than originals

TeamCitymapia | Apr 17, 2022

The norm is that the first season of the show is always the best. Similarly, the original version is classic and undoubtedly better than any reboot. However, the best thing about the creative industry is the element of surprise. Some TV show revivals proved to be better than their original versions, and the audience did not hesitate to accept them. A few of those shows are The Muppets, Doctor Who, Star Trek: Discovery, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, The Flash, Cobra Kai, DuckTales, ICarly, and Animaniacs.