Must-read books by Haruki Murakami

BEYOND Pink App | Oct 15 2019

Murakami Haruki is world-renowned as a novelist of magical realist fiction. His work explores the core of human identity. Some of his best books are ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’, ‘The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle’, ‘Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World’, ‘1Q84’, ‘Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage’, and ‘Kafka On the Shore’.

Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo win Booker Prize

BEYOND Pink App | Oct 15 2019

Canadian writer Margaret Atwood and British author Bernardine Evaristo will share the prestigious Booker Prize for 2019. Atwood's novel The Testaments and Evaristo's novel Girl, Woman, Other have earned each author an equal share of the £50,000 prize. At 79, Atwood is the oldest ever Booker winner, while Evaristo is the first black woman to win it.

Penguin to publish India story of Panama Papers

BEYOND Pink App | Oct 14 2019

Penguin Random House India will publish the India story related to Panama Papers media investigation. “The Panama Papers: The Untold India Story of the Trailblazing Global Offshore Investigation” is written by journalists Ritu Sarin, Jay Mazoomdaar and P Vaidyanathan Iyer. The investigation is called the most ambitious media investigation ever.

New book debunks some common misconceptions about sleep

BEYOND Pink App | Oct 07 2019

The book How to Sleep Well: Everything You Need to Know about Getting a Good Night’s Sleep from Diet, Routine, Environment, Lifestyle, and More by Dr. Chris Idzikowski says that siestas or daytime naps are good. Good sleepers fall asleep quickly and have serene, deep and uninterrupted sleep. Heredity and environment effects sleep depth and duration.

Books that will teach children acceptance

BEYOND Pink App | Sep 30 2019

The world is in need of a lot more tolerance and acceptance. Children's books play a huge role in shaping their thoughts. Some of the books that will teach acceptance are 'I'm Here' by Peter H. Reynolds, 'Red' by Michael Hall, 'My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay' by Cari Best, 'Slug Days' by Sara Leach, and 'Susan Laughs' by Jeanne Willis.

Books on sexual health that every woman must read

BEYOND Pink App | Sep 29 2019

Learning about your body and sexual health is part of having ownership over your body. But myths are likely to get in your way. Some of the books that will educate you on sexual health are The Vagina Bible by Dr Jennifer Gunter, Come As You Are by Dr Emily Nagoski, The Coitus Chronicles by Olive Persimmon, and Becoming Cliterate by Dr Laurie Mintz.