Apple launches the new iPhone series

TeamCitymapia | Sep 15, 2021

Apple launched 4 new models in the iPhone 13 on Tuesday. Apple’s iPhone 13 series runs the A15 Bionic chipset, which is a 6-core chipset. The iPhone 13 Pro series comes with 120 Hz dynamic refresh rate or what Apple calls the ‘ProMotion’ adaptive refresh rate.’ The iPhone 13 Pro will start at Rs 1,19,900 and iPhone 13 Pro Max for Rs 1,29,900.

Facebook apologises after Black men labeled as primates

TeamCitymapia | Sep 04, 2021

Facebook apologised after Black men were labeled as primates in the video. It disabled its topic recommendation feature. Facebook spokesperson called it a clearly unacceptable error. Former FB content design manager Darci Groves pointed this out. Facial recognition software was criticised by civil rights advocates who point out problems with accuracy.

Anil Ambani and CBI ex-director on the new Pegasus list

TeamCitymapia | Jul 23, 2021

A new list of Pegasus victims has emerged, and former CBI Director Alok Verma and industrialist Anil Ambani are on it. Two more former CBI officers - special director Rakesh Asthana and additional director A K Sharma are potential targets, said The Wire - one of the 16 media firms partnered with French NGO Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International.

India is a big part of who I am: Sundar Pichai

TeamCitymapia | Jul 13, 2021

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that India is deeply rooted in him and is a big part of him. He was born and grew up in Tamil Nadu. When asked about the Chinese model of the internet based on surveillance, he said that the idea of free and open internet is being attacked. He added none of the major products and services of Google are available in China.

Twitter appoints Vinay Prakash as Resident Grievance Officer

TeamCitymapia | Jul 12, 2021

Twitter appointed Vinay Prakash as the Resident Grievance Officer of Twitter India, as per the notification on the company’s website, following the new IT rules. Under the new rules, the Centre mandates social media sites with over 50 lakh users will hire 3 key personnel - chief compliance officer, nodal officer and grievance officer who are Indians.

Battlegrounds Mobile India there on Google Play for download

TeamCitymapia | Jul 04, 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available on Google Play for gaming enthusiasts in the country. The game has been launched by South Korean video game developer Krafton. "Designed exclusively for our Indian fans and gamers, Battlegrounds Mobile India will provide a superlative gaming experience," said CH Kim, CEO of Krafton in a statement.