Entrepreneurship lessons everyone can learn from mothers

TeamCitymapia | Aug 20, 2022

Mothers are masters of planning, strategising, and multitasking because keeping a small human alive and healthy is no joke. Grit, determination, and flexibility are at the core of their day. All these are qualities that make a business a success. Some lessons to learn from mothers are: don't be afraid to take risks, time management is essential, find what you are good at, and empathy is invaluable. Once you know what you are good at, figure out how to differentiate yourself from others and be unique.

Meghan Gaffney on women's representation in data sets

TeamCitymapia | Aug 17, 2022

Women being underrepresented in the technology workforce is a key issue for AI. "Excluding women from roles developing solutions with AI means that powerful products will never make it to market," says Meghan Gaffney, Founder and CEO of VEDA Data Solutions. Women currently only represent about 18% of the C-suite across AI companies and this is alarming in AI tools in healthcare. "Bias in training data sets means that companies are creating products that fail to deliver on their promise," says the entrepreneur.

Garmia Kaushal - Starting a brand for pet parents

TeamCitymapia | Aug 14, 2022

Garima Kaushal started her company Sploot to ensure that pet parents have an easier life. She provides them with a subscription-based fresh food delivery and dog walking services. Her customers are those who realise that store-bought food is not nutritious enough for their dogs. Launched two months ago, it currently works with 35 dog walkers on a freelance basis. Sploot also offers two training courses - Puppy Basics and Dog Obedience 101. Since 2019, it has trained 20 cohorts of pet parents.

Saloni Jain - Investing in a diversified portfolio

TeamCitymapia | Aug 11, 2022

Harvard alum Saloni Jain is an angel investor who decided to invest in a diverse portfolio early on in her career. She decided to start SUNiCON Ventures in 2018 to invest in early-stage startups. Being a believer in continuous learning, she invests in companies and works along their growth journey. Setting up the fund was for the pure joy of building great companies. She also found five partners whose thoughts and core ideas resonate with her. Some of her previous investments are Ajna lens and The Hosteller.

Raquel Graham - Revolutionising personal safety

TeamCitymapia | Aug 08, 2022

CEO and founder of Roq Innovation Raquel Graham says women's safety has been at the forefront of her mind since the pandemic hit because of the rise in anti-Asian crimes. Her company produced a compact Headlightz Headband that is hands-free to ensure women can see their surroundings in public. It also has a bright white LED light that is lightweight, removable, and rechargeable. Users can also choose one of the three brightness levels. Graham is obsessed with innovating products that can make lives better.

How working women can make use of business travel

TeamCitymapia | Jul 28, 2022

Business trips are great if you plan them right according to what makes them enjoyable for you. Most people do not think of it as a personal experience and focus only on work. Some tips to make the most of a business trip are to be strategic when planning travel (and include off-times), pack efficiently (include layering pieces), prioritize comfort on flights (wear a sleep mask), choose optimal accommodations (check for high-speed Wi-Fi), practice self-care, and mix business with pleasure (try a new restaurant).