Dholavira - An ancient Harappan site

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 21 2019

Dholavira is an archaeological site in the Kutch district of Gujarat. The site has one of the eight major ruins of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation aka Harappan City. It is located on an island in the Great Rann of Kutch. A long walk along the road with white rann on both sides is worthwhile. Random crater-like water holes are found here.

A Quick Solution To Get Your Easter Eggs Colored Bright

BEYOND Pink App | Apr 14 2019

Easter is practically incomplete without a basket full of Easter eggs. Using colorful Washi tape can do the trick and give color to your Easter eggs that’s brighter than the bright. You don’t even need genius DIY skills to simply cut small sections of Washi tape and paste them all over the egg to get it completely covered. And that too in minutes.

Fishes found dead in Charkop pond, chemical leak suspected

BEYOND Pink App | Mar 09 2019

The Charkop pond in Mumabi is flooded with dead fishes for the last two days with pinkish water near the periphery. Locals have alerted officials and samples were sent for testing. It is suspected that harmful chemicals from a nearby sewage plant might have caused the mishap. Delay over clearing the pond might create further ecological problems.

The Russian Women's Day is more about tulips and roses

BEYOND Pink App | Mar 08 2019

In Russia, March 8th is widely celebrated by offering tulips and roses. It is more about flowers than about women's rights and is considered the most profitable time of year for florists. Apart from sexism in the workplace being still rife, Women's Day, in Russia, is celebrated in a similar way to Valentine's Day elsewhere.

Kerala: School builds 100 Homes for the Homeless

BEYOND Pink App | Feb 15 2019

Our Lady’s Convent Girls Higher Secondary School in Kerala has helped build around 100 houses for the homeless. The money for construction is raised through contributions from students, parents, teachers as well as anyone who is willing to donate. The school brings in workers and other parties till the time the house is ready for its occupants

Threat on culture: Tamil politicians want Tik Tok banned

BEYOND Pink App | Feb 13 2019

Tamil Nadu Information Technology Minister M Manikandan promised to work on banning the popular mobile phone application TikTok. A section of Tamil politicians are said to have seen the app as a cultural and law & order threat because of the large number of young followers. They claimed that many use the platform to upload sexually suggestive videos.