Unbelievable and bizarre beauty trends throughout history

TeamCitymapia | May 04, 2022

Beauty trends are one of the most ridiculous patterns of the marketing-obsessed world because what is one day considered a sign of ugliness, like dark circles and freckles, can overnight become a sensation. Unfortunately, this is not new and humans have always been into bizarre standards of beauty. Some of the weirdest ones are accentuated veins, black teeth, removing eyebrows and eyelashes, bloodletting, goat hair unibrow, eating tapeworms to lose weight, tuberculosis look, and sweat facial.

Popular fashion documentaries to watch for a visual feast

TeamCitymapia | May 03, 2022

Fashion documentaries are fun to watch because they offer a window into the larger-than-life world. For those who admire the couture collections and Avant-grande runway motifs, these films are an escape from the grim reality. They also help you learn about legendary designers who shaped the industry. Some of the most popular fashion documentaries are 'Dior and I', 'Valentino – The Last Emperor', 'McQueen', 'The Gospel According to Andre', 'L’Amour Fou', 'The First Monday in May', 'The True Cost', and 'Dries'.

Kritika Gill on playing with face art in the beauty space

TeamCitymapia | May 03, 2022

If you have been keeping with the photographs of actor Radhika Apte, you already know that face art is slowly becoming a trend in the beauty space. But, you may not know that celebrity hair and makeup artist Kritika Gill is responsible for the trend. She says doodling on your face is to have fun with it, and you can start over in case of a mistake. The artist does not want to complicate things and sticks to a simple black eyeliner pencil for the job. She insists that the idea is to stand out from polished ones.

Everything you need to know about avant apocalypse aesthetic

TeamCitymapia | May 02, 2022

The fashion industry has always loved futuristic trends like spaced-aged and Abercombie-core. The latest addition to the list is the Avant Apocalypse aesthetic which was primarily forecasted by Mandy Lee on TikTok. Some of the characteristics of the trend are neutral maximalism, deconstruction, non-formulaic layering, and a muted colour palette. Runways have embraced the style with the collections of Rick Owen and Marison Margiela. The film industry already loves it with the likes of Dune, Star Wars, and Mad Max.

Tips to add modern touches to traditional Indian outfits

TeamCitymapia | May 01, 2022

Indian traditional wear is known for being heavy. But modern women want to balance the outfit a little. While tradition always has its appeal, adding some modern elements can elevate the style quotient. Some ideas to test are jumpsuit saree, sharara/palazzo saree, matching shoes, saree dress, and pant saree. You can also pair these outfits with belts and different types of tops in order to make them more functional. Basically, if you want to do a three-hour-long photoshoot, these outfits will work perfectly.

The punk look got a remake; Polished pieces take over

TeamCitymapia | Apr 30, 2022

Once upon a time, punk fashion was synonymous with grunge because the subculture originated as a form of rebellion. Now, iconic punk looks are coming back to runways because living in a near dystopian world has made grunge the new norm. Designers are polishing the look a little by giving it the glam of leather corsets, sharp lapels, delicate cutout details, puff shoulders, and pearl-metal chokers. This version of punk ha femininity because it is an aesthetic rebellion against the idea of what it should look like.