Things that bridal hair stylists want to tell their clients

TeamCitymapia | Dec 03, 2021

Most brides pay attention to every detail of their appearance, and last-minute crises can take the fun out of the celebration for them. Bridal hair stylists are known to play a big part by working quickly and finding the right styles. Some things stylists consider mistakes are adding too many accessories, growing your hair with no proper care, washing your hair on the wedding day, overloading on hair treatments, using too many products before the hair appointment, and using flowers that will wilt easily.

Liquid hair is taking over the beauty market, Take a look

TeamCitymapia | Nov 29, 2021

Liquid hair is the newest in high-end fashion, and you have probably already seen it on runways, influencers, and celebrities. This viral hairstyle involves flawless straight hair with syrupy looks. While celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa are getting liquid hair done by professionals, social media is flooding with DIYing the trend. Hydrating and conditioning masks that can remove frizz and make hair softer is a good place to start. The fluid look also involves applying oil and brushing the strands out.

Beauty trends from the ‘90s that are back for good

TeamCitymapia | Nov 28, 2021

If experts have to choose a period of transformation that came with classy trends, it has to be the '90s. That is why several models and actors from that decade are still considered iconic. Some of them are Victoria Beckham, Aaliyah, Princess Diana, and Britney Spears. Like all good things, these beauty trends are coming back. Some of those trends are lip liner, frosted eye shadow, a cropped bob, antennae hair, skinny brows, blue eyeliner, French manicure, obvious hair colour, lip gloss, and poker-straight hair.

Nail trends that you may want to try before New Year

TeamCitymapia | Nov 26, 2021

Nail arts are for people who like to spend some time working on something that requires precision and patience. If you are one of those people, there are several trends hitting the beauty industry every year. In 2021, they have ranged from seasonal themes to shades of green with plenty of room for creativity. Some such trends for you to try are winter metallics, sparkle, French manicure with enamel, dark green, marble nails, nail espresso, abstract designs, nude, mismatch, and floral fingertips.

Shacket - New fall wardrobe trend celebs are loving

TeamCitymapia | Nov 26, 2021

The pandemic has blurred the boundaries between work and home life. The fashion industry has caught up with the new normal and come up with a new essential - a shacket. As the name suggests, it is a combination of a shirt and jacket. They can be worn over a slip dress or with jeans. The luxurious leather-like feel of the fabric makes them perfect for weaning outdoors and indoors alike. The touch of denim and plaid has made shackets great for fall fashion. Brands like Zara have introduced affordable versions too.

Prastuti Designs - Saving traditional embroidery styles

TeamCitymapia | Nov 21, 2021

Deepa Gupta founded Prastuti Designs to protect authentic Petit point embroidery, brought to India by Europeans. She worked with a women-only team. At any given point there are more than 350 women working in three units of Prastuti. Most of them are from humble backgrounds and tribal communities with limited opportunities. Over 20 years, the organisation has worked with over 1200 women. It takes about 10-12 women to work nearly 1500-5000 hours to complete one saree, and no machine can replicate this embroidery.