Endometriosis: How a woman separated illness and identity

TeamCitymapia | Jul 26, 2022

Endometriosis is a dreadful chronic condition in which the tissues in the inner lining of the uterus grow outside. The tissues will grow and shed in every menstrual cycle leading to extreme pain. One patient, Jenneh Rishe, lived a better part of her life putting the illness in the back of her closet. However, at one point, she decided to be whoever she was before the illness took over. Accepting endometriosis to be a part of her life helped create a life around it filled with wonderful things.

Crop top blouses are the new it factor, Here is why

TeamCitymapia | Jul 26, 2022

There was a time when crop tops were frowned upon by the neighbourhood aunts who righteously donned a blouse with their saree. Thanks to Bollywood divas, there is hardly any distinction between crop tops and blouses now. Being a versatile piece, it goes with jeans, skirts, and lehengas. Some popular designs actors wore are infinity crop top blouse, embroidered top, dreamy blue net blouse, plunging neckline crop top, printed boho top, halter neck top, Indo-Western crop top, and bell sleeves crop top.

Trendy ombre nail designs you should try in 2022

TeamCitymapia | Jul 03, 2022

Ombre patterns are trending right now, be it on clothes or hair. There is no way nail artists are going to not jump on the wagon. You do not necessarily have to visit a salon. Most patterns are easy to DIY. Some of them are pastel, cloudy, rainbow pastels, heart ombre, sea glass nails, lilac shimmer, cotton candy ombre, pink blend, barbie ombre, orange creamsicle, slime ombre, glitter ombre, neon tips, neutral ombre, opal ombre, gold stars, sunset ombre, bright skies, red French tips, and glitter sprinkle.

Summer hair colour trends that are likely to take over 2022

TeamCitymapia | Jul 02, 2022

Summer may be over in India but warm hair colours that sparkle fantasy are going to stay for longer because they are the perfect contrast to the gray clouds of the monsoon. Celebrity hairstylist Matt Rez is anticipating warmer hues to take over the fashion industry. Some colours that are already donned by Kia Gerber, Kendel Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid are honey-gold bronde, pastel pinks and peaches, sun-baked blonde, shimmery raven, sun-kissed brunette, shades of crimson, and cognac brunette.

Unbelievable and bizarre beauty trends throughout history

TeamCitymapia | May 04, 2022

Beauty trends are one of the most ridiculous patterns of the marketing-obsessed world because what is one day considered a sign of ugliness, like dark circles and freckles, can overnight become a sensation. Unfortunately, this is not new and humans have always been into bizarre standards of beauty. Some of the weirdest ones are accentuated veins, black teeth, removing eyebrows and eyelashes, bloodletting, goat hair unibrow, eating tapeworms to lose weight, tuberculosis look, and sweat facial.

Popular fashion documentaries to watch for a visual feast

TeamCitymapia | May 03, 2022

Fashion documentaries are fun to watch because they offer a window into the larger-than-life world. For those who admire the couture collections and Avant-grande runway motifs, these films are an escape from the grim reality. They also help you learn about legendary designers who shaped the industry. Some of the most popular fashion documentaries are 'Dior and I', 'Valentino – The Last Emperor', 'McQueen', 'The Gospel According to Andre', 'L’Amour Fou', 'The First Monday in May', 'The True Cost', and 'Dries'.