Restaurants in India that offers thanksgiving menus

TeamCitymapia | Dec 03, 2021

Thanksgiving is not an Indian holiday, but there are many who grew up watching Hollywood sitcoms in which it is an occasion of joy and togetherness. Some restaurants in India that have arranged thanksgiving menus are JW Café in JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar (Mumbai), Poco Loco Tapas And Bar, Khar (Mumbai), Petite Pie Shop’s (Gurugram), Ether x Mag Street x Nandan Coffee, Lotus Cafe in JW Marriott Juhu (Mumbai), 360° in The Oberoi (New Delhi), Hyatt Regency (Pune), and Cafe Delhi Heights (Chandigarh).

How to make perfect caramelised roasted sweet potatoes

TeamCitymapia | Nov 20, 2021

Breakfast is undisputedly the most important meal of the day and you need to cook a dish that is loaded with protein. Going vegetarian is a good choice at the beginning of the day. Sweet potato is a perfect option but most people do not like its soggy texture. Food enthusiast and TikTok chef Chaketi Bansal says freezing the potatoes overnight is the key to making them fluffy and perfectly caramelised. The freezing will crystallise the water content inside the potatoes without puncturing its skin.

Best chutneys you can make to elevate every meal

TeamCitymapia | Nov 20, 2021

Indians love their side dishes, and chutney has to be one of the most popular ones because some variation of the accompaniment manages to show up frequently. They can spruce up a simple paratha, momos, a bowl of rice and lentils, or even the famously bland khichdi. The best thing is that you will never be bored. Some of them are chilli chutney powder, Ching's Secret - Schezwan Chutney, Bhuira All Natural Tomato Chutney, Add me Khatti Meethi Chutney Sonth, and Nimbuda Homemade Sweet and Tangy Ginger Chutney.


Unique Influencers you should follow on Instagram

TeamCitymapia | May 29, 2021

Instagram has given a platform for a lot of women to pursue their interests and speak their minds. Some of them stay away from trends and stay unique. Some such influencers to follow are Julia (the German Introvert), Sherrie (Shroom Momma), Protima Tiwary (Dumbbells And Drama), Camryn Daytona (Bookish You Should Know), and Danielle (Sienna And I).


Oysters are suffering because of nano plastics - study

TeamCitymapia | May 28, 2021

A study published in the journal Chemosphere says that nano plastics in the ocean accumulate and release metals like arsenic. These are absorbed by oysters which affects their biological functions. This leads to an overexpression of genes responsible for cell death and mitochondria. Arsenic in its biological tissues eventually finds its way to humans.

Vitamin D-rich foods you must include in your diet

TeamCitymapia | May 04, 2021

Standing in the sun is not an acceptable task in the summer. But you need sunshine vitamin just as before. Some of the vitamin D-rich foods you can include in your everyday diet are salmon, mushrooms, mackerels, ricotta cheese, eggs, salami, fortified cereals, milk, oysters, orange juice, soy products, margarine, vanilla yogurt, butter, and sour cream.