Indian cookware brands that will keep you healthy

TeamCitymapia | Apr 06, 2022

Did you know that your cookware is as important as the ingredients you choose? Traditional kadais, pots, pans, and grilling equipment are designed to withstand higher temperature without affecting the quality of the food. Many modern pans are known to have toxic coating that can mix in the food and slowly affect your immune system and gut health. Some non-toxic Indian cookware brands are P-Tal, The Indus Valley, Green Heirloom, Ikai Asai, Ancient Madurai, Essential Traditions by Kayal, Zishta, and Anand Cookware.

Interesting new restaurants and delivery kitchens in India

TeamCitymapia | Apr 04, 2022

Wanting freshly launched menus is a common occurrence among foodies, and the culinary industry has picked up again to provide just that. Newly launched restaurants and delivery kitchens are serving entire gastronomical experiences to please foodies. Some of them are Tsubaki (Worli), Motodo, Jio World Drive (BKC), Someplace Else, Jio World Drive Mall (BKC), Maai (Assagao), Bo Tai (Vagator), UnCafe (Gurgaon), The Merak Brewhouse (Bengaluru), Pink Wasabi (Chandigarh), Mamagoto (Goa), and The Canary (Andheri West).

Most popular eateries in Kolkata for dessert lovers

TeamCitymapia | Mar 23, 2022

The cuisine of West Bengal is known for its desserts which is why a trip to Kolkata is incomplete without trying some traditional sweet delicacies. Some dishes everyone with a sweet tooth love are roshogolla, chom chom, ras malai, pati shapta, and sondesh. You will also find a good selection of modern British delicacies like puddings and mousse. Some popular eateries to try are Nobin Chandra Das & Sons, Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandy, Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick, Mouchak, and Sen Mahasay.

Interesting food Instagrammers that will help you step up

TeamCitymapia | Feb 09, 2022

Instagram has become a safe haven for foodies and food influencers have changed their tactics along with the algorithm to reach their audience. As a result, people are getting to the making of a dish in less than 30 seconds on reels. If you are planning to step up your cooking game, you need inspiration, new recipes, and motivation. Some food influencers that can give you all are Kuljyoti Dhingra, Zingy Zest by Sarah Hussain, Dilsefoodie by Karan Dua, Bhookasaand by Pujneet Singh, and Nikhil Chawla.

Nourishing soups you should drink when you have a cold

TeamCitymapia | Jan 30, 2022

Many classic, age-old recipes are excellent to keep away ailments and nourish your body. The winter often comes with cold and other irritable illnesses that make you uncomfortable. The trick is to return to the soups you consumed as a child as they have restorative properties. Few such dishes are roasted pumpkin soup, barley soup, apple-carrot soup, and hot turmeric milk. These will also help digestive health and immune system to support your recovery from the cold quicker.

Indore's double cheese golgappa receives flak from foodies

TeamCitymapia | Jan 28, 2022

Bizarre food combinations have been making rounds among the Indian street food scenarios. Many food lovers are not at all happy about these experiments that ruin the authenticity of popular, beloved dishes. Fanta maggie was one such dish that received backlash online. And now, there is a new crazy combination in town - Tandoori Double Cheese Golgappa. Pani puri is normally served with sweet or tangy water. Many took to the internet to ask the vendor to not ruin the popular street food by filling cheese.