A healthy amount of sleep can boost antioxidants: study

TeamCitymapia | Apr 05, 2020

Beauty sleep is not a myth. A study published in the journal BMJ says that a healthy sleep cycle will favour the presence of melatonin (which also acts as an antioxidant). Melatonin is a hormone that helps in reducing the pigmentation, anti-ageing wrinkles, and also reduces hair fall. When it is dark and the body is asleep, it produces more melatonin.

How to eat more green when bored with salads

TeamCitymapia | Apr 03, 2020

We have been hearing it since our childhood days and we do understand that eating greens is important. But some days, we are just bored with salads. You can try other options like adding them to frittata, omelette, pasta dishes, pesto sauce, hummus, chips, garnish, smoothies. You can also sauté them with sweet and sour notes or steam it or make a soup.

How to cook rice to perfection

TeamCitymapia | Mar 23, 2020

Even though it is a staple food, cooking rice is no child's play. To get it right, always start with rinsing rice. This will get rid of the dusty starches that may result in excess stickiness. To add water, stick to 1:2 ratio. Always add rice after the water is brought to boil. While you let it simmer in low heat, never be curious and take the lid off.

South Indian breakfasts that are healthy and delicious

TeamCitymapia | Feb 21, 2020

South Indian breakfasts are known for being nutrient-dense and tasty. They are the best way to kickstart a day with a supply of energy. Some of the best South Indian breakfasts are idly, dosa, idiyappam, gouthambu (wheat) dosa, ven pongal, puttu (steamed rice cake), medu vada, appam and potato stew, Mysore bonda with coconut chutney, and kesari bath.

Eat more curry leaves to promote gut health: Study

TeamCitymapia | Feb 20, 2020

The quintessential Indian herb curry leaves are known for its rich iron content. But it has several other health benefits too. A study published in the Krishi Jagran says that it can promote gastrointestinal health with its vitamins, antibacterial properties, and antioxidants. It also regulates diabetes, blood sugar levels, and eases pregnancy symptoms.

Best suited destinations for chocolate lovers

TeamCitymapia | Feb 17, 2020

Food tourism is becoming more and more popular as millennials love it. Chocolate tourism includes cocoa farms and museums. Some of the popular destinations for chocolate lovers are Hershey (Pennsylvania), St. Lucia, Barcelona (Spain), Switzerland, Bariloche (Argentina), Vienna (Austria), Oaxaca (Mexico), Brussels (Belgium), and Birmingham (England).