Unique Influencers you should follow on Instagram

TeamCitymapia | May 29, 2021

Instagram has given a platform for a lot of women to pursue their interests and speak their minds. Some of them stay away from trends and stay unique. Some such influencers to follow are Julia (the German Introvert), Sherrie (Shroom Momma), Protima Tiwary (Dumbbells And Drama), Camryn Daytona (Bookish You Should Know), and Danielle (Sienna And I).


Oysters are suffering because of nano plastics - study

TeamCitymapia | May 28, 2021

A study published in the journal Chemosphere says that nano plastics in the ocean accumulate and release metals like arsenic. These are absorbed by oysters which affects their biological functions. This leads to an overexpression of genes responsible for cell death and mitochondria. Arsenic in its biological tissues eventually finds its way to humans.

Vitamin D-rich foods you must include in your diet

TeamCitymapia | May 04, 2021

Standing in the sun is not an acceptable task in the summer. But you need sunshine vitamin just as before. Some of the vitamin D-rich foods you can include in your everyday diet are salmon, mushrooms, mackerels, ricotta cheese, eggs, salami, fortified cereals, milk, oysters, orange juice, soy products, margarine, vanilla yogurt, butter, and sour cream.

How to get rid of food cravings instead of munching

TeamCitymapia | May 01, 2021

Food cravings are intense, uncontrollable urges to eat specific foods. Since, they are different from regular hunger, you likely give in. Some tips to escape food cravings are drinking a glass of water, adding more protein to your diet, not waiting for getting too hungry, getting enough sleep, and addressing the psychological factors contributing.

A healthy amount of sleep can boost antioxidants: study

TeamCitymapia | Apr 05, 2020

Beauty sleep is not a myth. A study published in the journal BMJ says that a healthy sleep cycle will favour the presence of melatonin (which also acts as an antioxidant). Melatonin is a hormone that helps in reducing the pigmentation, anti-ageing wrinkles, and also reduces hair fall. When it is dark and the body is asleep, it produces more melatonin.

How to eat more green when bored with salads

TeamCitymapia | Apr 03, 2020

We have been hearing it since our childhood days and we do understand that eating greens is important. But some days, we are just bored with salads. You can try other options like adding them to frittata, omelette, pasta dishes, pesto sauce, hummus, chips, garnish, smoothies. You can also sauté them with sweet and sour notes or steam it or make a soup.