Combination of immunotherapies offers lung cancer treatment

TeamCitymapia | Jan 23, 2021

A novel combination of two forms of immunotherapy is reported to have a potential to treat lung cancer. A recent study in this regard has proved that the mixed therapy is highly effective in killing the cancer cells. The one form of the therapy kills significant number of lung tumour cells, and the second one could finish the job with much alacrity.

Foods you should avoid for better skin health

TeamCitymapia | Jan 22, 2021

Some foods are packed with collagen and antioxidants that will keep the skin healthy. On the other hand, some foods will push it towards acne and wrinkles, and age spots. Some of the unhealthy foods you should avoid are refined carbs, dairy (has growth hormones), wheat, and alcohol. You can replace wheat with amaranth, buckwheat, brown rice, or quinoa.

Incredible health benefits of oolong tea

TeamCitymapia | Jan 21, 2021

Green tea is loved for its benefits, but it is also hated for its bitterness. A recent study from the University of Tsukuba, Japan has found that oolong tea has similar benefits like weight management. Being rich in caffeine, it will boost metabolism. The antioxidants in it have lipid-lowering properties. However, it does not affect your sleep pattern.

What you need to know about anti-nutrients?

TeamCitymapia | Jan 20, 2021

Anti-nutrients are compounds that reduce the absorption of essential nutrients in your body and decrease the nutritious value of the food. They prevent the absorption of calcium, iron, and zinc but some anti-nutrients can be beneficial. Fibre is an anti-nutrient that helps smooth bowel movement. Other essentials are tannin, lectins, and lignans.

Over 2, 24,301 people vaccinated, 447 reported complications

TeamCitymapia | Jan 18, 2021

Over 2, 24,301 people from priority group received their first shots of COVID vaccine across the country in a two vaccination drive. Among them 447 reported adverse events following immunisation while three required hospitalisation, said the Health Ministry. The Ministry reiterated that the adverse impact may or may not be related to the vaccines.

Vaccination to begin today, priority group to get first shot

TeamCitymapia | Jan 16, 2021

Today the county will witness the world’s largest vaccination drive against the COVID pandemic that infected over one crore people and killed over 1.5 lakh in the country. On day one, about 3 crore people from the priority group comprising of healthcare workers will be given the first shots of the vaccines. PM Narendra Modi will launch the programme.