What you need to know about trauma bond

BP World Bureau | Dec 21 2019

A trauma bond is an emotional attachment formed in an abusive relationship due to power imbalance. This is fed by the notion that violence in a relationship is due to love or the inability of the person to leave due to commitment and compassion. "Everything about a trauma bond is about how the abuser's get to control," said therapist Karen Landmann.

Breast cancer survivors are at higher risk of heart disease

BP World Bureau | Dec 21 2019

A study published in the journal Cancer says that women diagnosed with breast cancer are more likely to die of heart disease than any other cause of death, other than cancer itself. In the data of 2000-2015, most of the women who survived for 10 years or longer after their diagnosis died from non-cancer causes. And on top of the list is heart disease.

Poor eating habits during pregnancy linked to weight gain

BP World Bureau | Dec 20 2019

A study published in the journal, Nutrients says that poor eating habits during pregnancy will cause greater weight gain. Findings suggest women who eat more of their daily food intake after 7:00 PM and eat lower quality diets are more than three times more likely to experience postpartum weight retention of 5 kg or more 18 months after giving birth.

How hormones affect our appetite during bad mental health

BP World Bureau | Dec 19 2019

Increase of serotonin in the brain is linked to anxiety while decrease in serotonin leads to depression. During severe anxiety, cortisol is blocked causes digestion to slow down or stop. "When people experience depression or chronic anxiety, their automatic nervous system becomes dysregulated affecting appetite," said Allie Lewin Deehan, psychotherapist.

Most popular podcasts for self-care and body positivity

BP World Bureau | Dec 19 2019

We live in an era of podcasts. And some podcasts aim to make lives better with self-care routines, the science behind rituals, inclusive conversations, and body-positive exercises. Some such podcasts are Fat Mascara, The Beauty Podcast by Sali Hughes, The Emma Guns Show, Wobble, The Beauty Brains, On the Line with Estée Lalonde, and Natch Beaut.

Diets that made it big in the past decade

BP World Bureau | Dec 18 2019

The shift to a healthy lifestyle has been a popular goal in the past decade. Some diets that promised more than just weight management were celebrated. Some even helped people with lifestyle disorders. Some such popular diets are Mediterranean diet, Weight Watchers, juice cleanses, Dukan diet, intermittent fasting, Paleo diet, and the ketogenic diet.