COVID cases cross 2500, deaths reaches 72 in India

BEYOND Pink App | Apr 03 2020

The number of COVID cases in India crossed 2500 mark and the deaths toll reached 72 on Thur. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala reported significant rise in the number of positive cases. Delhi authorities said that nearly 9,000 people, who are linked to Nizamuddin sermon, have been identified and quarantined across the country.

Dharavi sealed off to contain COVID after two deaths

BEYOND Pink App | Apr 03 2020

After the 2 deaths allegedly of COVID, authorities have sealed off an entire area that accommodates over 2500 residents in Mumbai’s Dharavi. Restrictions of movement have been imposed to contain the COVID in Dharavi, which has population density 10 times higher than the rest of the city. Civic body is also probing the deceased’s Tablighi link.

India’s COVID deaths touch 50, about 150 patients recovered

BEYOND Pink App | Apr 02 2020

A 67-year-old man from Haryana died of COVID infection, taking the national death toll to 50. Of fifty deaths, 12 deaths happened in last 24 hours alone, sources said. With the new 328 cases reported in the last 12 hours, the number of COVID infected in the country stood at 1,965. There 151 people who have discharged from treatment after recovery.

White House warns death toll in US likely to climb to 240000

BEYOND Pink App | Apr 01 2020

White House said that the death rate due to the COVID infection is likely to rise up to 240,000 in the country, despite practising the social distancing. Donald Trump warned that the next two weeks will be toughest and very painful for the US. He also urged people to prepare for the hard days that lie ahead. US death toll from COVID climbed past 3800.

More tests linked to higher number of COVID cases: study

BEYOND Pink App | Mar 31 2020

While comparing to other most populated states, the COVID cases in Kerala is higher than any other states in the country. With 3% of the country’s population, the state has carried out nearly 7,000 tests for COVID. Other populated states conducted only fewer tests. Kerala officials pointed out that the higher cases are the result of more tests.

COVID positive cases crosses 1000, death toll reaches 27

BEYOND Pink App | Mar 30 2020

In India, the number of COVID positive cases rose to 1024 on Sunday and with the eight deaths, the toll now reached 27. At least 95 people are reported as recovered from the contagion. Among the reported 19 deaths from March 27, 14 were aged above 60 years. A 38-year-old man who died in Patna had a history of chronic kidney disease.