Some group tips for couples to improve mental health

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 25 2019

Here are a few tips for positive interactions between couples that strengthen relationships and improve mental health of both the partners. Talk, discuss, communicate. Join a community of like-minded people, exercise together, be clear and non-judgmental about your finances and family, travel to new places and be each other’s critic and cheerleader.

Easy ways to ensure your health is protected

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 23 2019

If you are in the habit of skipping breakfast in a hurry, make a nutritious shake with fruits, berries, and tofu. Sweeten the coffee/tea/milk with cinnamon, not sugar. This will cut down hundreds of calories in a week. A head massage is one of the easiest ways to promote overall well being. It stimulates hair follicle growth and thickness too.

Pathological gaming shows a bigger problem than a disorder

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 22 2019

A study at Stetson University suggests that pathological gaming is not a sign of any mental health issue but academic and parental pressure. Pathological gaming doesn’t originate so much from exposure to games. High levels of environmental pressure cause stress and a loss of self-control, wherein youth use games as an escape from their stress.

How to take care on itchy breasts

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 21 2019

Itchy breasts is one of the most Googled search term. Experts say it is normal to have itchiness in the breasts, as the skin is sensitive, and exposed to potential triggers. A new body cream or new bra material can cause itchiness. Dryness of the skin or poorly fitting bra can be the culprits. Avoiding cause of the problem is the best treatment.

Physical activity like sauna bathing checks blood pressure

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 21 2019

Around 1.13 billion people across the globe suffer from hypertension. If left untreated, the disorder can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney issues and blood clotting. People with high blood pressure should reduce salt intake, stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, take more potassium-rich foods and do regular exercise. Sauna bathing is therapeutic.

Pregnant women’s fluoridated water intake affects infants IQ

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 20 2019

A study claimed that the consumption of fluoridated tap water by pregnant women may lead to the lower level of IQ in infants. The new study is a contrary to the general view that the presence of minerals in water helps reducing cavities. However, many experts are against the study, some found the results compelling enough to merit further investigation.