Dishes in which you can replace maida with whole wheat

BEYOND Pink App | Dec 12 2019

Whole wheat is rich in dietary fibre and protein. Maida aka all-purpose flour has no nutritional value and it sticks to the walls of the digestive system. Removing maida from the diet is a smart move. Cakes and bread are not the only foods in which you can replace maida with wheat. Some other dishes are kheer, Japanese soba noodles, pasta, and cookies.

Is it healthy to exercise during periods?

BEYOND Pink App | Dec 09 2019

Periods usually comes with low energy levels, pain, unpredictable flow, and mood swings. It may make you feel like spending all day in bed. But being a couch potato is not a good idea. You should be doing all regular activities during these days as well. It may even help with dysmenorrhea (painful cramps). However, avoid inversions like headstands.

Active and inactive ingredients in a skincare product

BEYOND Pink App | Dec 09 2019

Active skincare ingredients are powerful, naturally derived constituents of skincare products. They work on a cellular level to hydrate, brighten, repair or rejuvenate skin. Some of them are vitamin B3, vitamin C, kojic acid, and AHAs. Inactive ingredients are of the synthetic variety and combine the actives for desired texture, look and even smell.

The purpose of using an intimate wash

BEYOND Pink App | Nov 21 2019

Irregular diet, chemicals in soap or lack of hygiene can make the vagina susceptible to infections. An intimate wash helps to keep the area clean. These are liquids which may contain extracts of Sea Buckthorn Oil, lactic acid, tea tree oil, etc. This maintains optimum pH and prevent fungal and other microbial infections. It also helps fight foul odour.

Small mistakes that are pushing you towards insomnia

BEYOND Pink App | Nov 18 2019

There is no doubt that quality sleep is vital to our physical and mental health. Small mistakes like unhealthy eating habits can also disrupt sleeping patterns. Some habits causing insomnia are consuming caffeine post afternoon, using mobile phones in bed, and drinking alcohol before bed. Some other unhealthy factors are stress, anxiety, and depression.

Why swinging is an important activity for children?

BEYOND Pink App | Nov 14 2019

Swinging was almost like mandatory activity during mealtime before videogames and TV took over. Children develop important gross motor skills and fine motor skills with this activity. She will learn locomotion, balance, and coordination skills. It also increases core strength, grip strength, and finger coordination. It also stimulates spatial awareness.