The effects of COVID-19 will be around for decades: WHO

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 02 2020

The WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the pandemic is a once-in-a-century health crisis and its effects of which will be felt for decades to come. The emergency committee of WHO, comprising 18 members and 12 advisers, is meeting for the fourth time over the COVID-19 crisis. He added that vaccine development is happening at record speed.

Availability of vaccines depends on clinical trials: WHO

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 02 2020

The World Health Organisation’s regional director for South-East Asia, Dr Poonam Khetralpal Singh said that the vaccines for COVID-19 will be distributed to the deserving irrespective of nationality. She added that India's manufacturing capability will play an important role. The availability depends on the outcome of ongoing clinical trials.

Five foods that can boost collagen production in your body

BEYOND Pink App | Jul 26 2020

The elasticity and health of your skin and hair depends very much on the collagen content in your body. But it is also important for blood vessels, gut, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and joints. Natural collagen production is bound to slow down with age. Some foods that can boost collagen production are amla, tofu, moringa, tomatoes, and sabja seeds.

Centre asks states to communicate effectively with public

BEYOND Pink App | Jul 25 2020

In the wake of rising COVID cases, the Centre has asked the nine states to implement pandemic lessons, systematic containment, and proper planning. The Centre wanted the states, where the virus infection mounted uncontrollably, to address the glitches in implementing the pandemic lessons. The states were told to communicate effectively with public.

Cases surging due to protocol breach: PGIMER Director

BEYOND Pink App | Jul 20 2020

PGIMER director Dr. Jagat Ram said that the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing because people are breaking protocols. "Any patient who is infected, be it symptomatic or asymptomatic, can infect anyone. It is a human-to-human transmission," he said. He added that people tend to take the situation for granted. Right now, vaccine is the only solution.

IMA's alarm regarding community spread of COVID-19

BEYOND Pink App | Jul 19 2020

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) sounded an alarm on the community spread of COVID-19, saying that a spike in the number of cases resulted in it. “This is now an exponential growth. Every day the number of cases is increasing by more than around 30,000. This is really a bad situation," said Dr. VK Monga, the Chairman of IMA Hospital Board of India.