Regulator asks Times Now to move the show on Teesta Setalvad

TeamCitymapia | Dec 04, 2021

The National Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority asked news channel Times Now to take down a debate show that called activist Teesta Setalvad 'Modi baiter'. The show used her speech at the Shaheen Bagh protest against the CAA and portrayed a 'particular narrative'. The news regulator noted that Teesta did not make any statements against PM Modi. The show aired in February 2020 but is still available on Times Now's website and social media handles. The order said that the show lacks neutrality and accuracy.

Lilabati Mahata - Saving 1000+ water conservation structures

TeamCitymapia | Dec 03, 2021

West Bengal’s Jhargram is prone to drought and they can grow one crop, paddy, during the monsoon. The tribal inhabitants spend the rest of the year foraging food and hunting animals. One among them, Liabati Mahata has changed things for the better. She has helped the village with water conservation with structures, preserving groundwater, and irrigation management. They are now growing seasonal vegetables with clever use of water. The 31-year-old has founded a women’s self-help group to run things smoothly.

A hospital to offer free surgery for kids and save lives

TeamCitymapia | Dec 02, 2021

After watching his brothers go through a difficult childhood to earn a living for their family, Dr Subodh was naturally drawn to social causes. He started organising free medical camps for patients and specifically treating newborn babies. His initiative, Gyan Singh Memorial hospital, has already performed free surgery for 37,000 children. Many children have gotten rid of their cleft lips at an early age due to his help. Several doctors across India have been inspired by him and set up their initiatives.

Prathaa - Growing a conscious fashion consumer community

TeamCitymapia | Dec 02, 2021

Sukanya Bhataacharya turned entrepreneur due to an urge to revive the dying handloom and textile traditions. She founded Prathaa – a slow fashion, handloom-based, sustainable and environmentally conscious brand five years ago. She says India has a rich heritage and the next generation does not seem to be interested in carrying it to the future due to low remuneration. Sukanya has managed to provide a 5% YOY increase to artisans' income. The core vision of Prathaa is to ensure sustainable livelihood for artisans.

Why body-shaming is not decreasing in India

TeamCitymapia | Nov 29, 2021

Any unsolicited opinion about a person's body is body shaming. It ranges from fatphobia to skinny shaming, all of which are commonly perpetrated as "asking about your well-being" in Indian society. 59% of girls and 29% of boys in classes 9-12 are trying to lose weight when they are simply going through a period of hormone changes. There is little awareness about body shaming that a lot of times, it crosses over to bullying. All of this pushes people towards low self-esteem and eating disorders.

Women entrepreneurs who overcame disability to build brands

TeamCitymapia | Nov 29, 2021

Navigating through Indian society is not an easy feat for a disabled person. However, some wonderful women have gone the extra mile by running their own businesses. These women have succeeded in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by introducing innovative concepts for common folks, creating awareness about disabilities, and transforming lives for those in disadvantaged sectors. Some of these remarkable women entrepreneurs are Nidhi Goyal (Rising Flame), Vidya Y (Vision Empower), and Remya Raj (DAAD).