Most dangerous airports in the world

BEYOND Pink App | Dec 13 2019

While flying is the fastest way to travel, some airports aren't for the faint hearts because of the length and position of their runways. Some such airports are Saba Airport (St. Maarten), Toncontin Airport (Tegucigalpa, Honduras), Courchevel International Airport (France), Wellington International Airport (New Zealand), and Kai Tak Airport (Hong Kong).

Kerala sets cemetery for fishes, first in the world

BP World Bureau | Dec 12 2019

Cemetery for fishes made in Kerala is the first of this kind in the world. Set on the shores of Beypore in Kerala’s Kozhikode with iron frames filled with single-use plastic bottles features photographs of endangered species or extinct fishes. It also includes one freshwater fish-Miss Kerala. This aims to create awareness about hazards of plastic use.

Gender ratio at Tokyo University shows country’s disparity

BEYOND Pink App | Dec 09 2019

Japan’s most prestigious institution, the University of Tokyo gives a clear picture of the gender disparity in the country. A country where women constitute almost half the population, only one in five students is a woman. This is a result of profound gender inequality in Japan. Here, women lag far behind men and hold themselves back from opportunities.

Bengaluru people gather to protest against NRC, CAB

BEYOND Pink App | Dec 09 2019

A call by Bengaluru-based techie Ashok Koyi to protest against the National Register of Citizens and the Citizenship Amendment Bill gathered hundreds of people at Bengaluru’s Mysore Bank circle on Sunday. They wanted both the bills to be scrapped since the very nature of it is against the secular foundations of India and the constitution.

Unnao rape victim was promised marriage by her rapist

BEYOND Pink App | Dec 09 2019

The Unnao rape victim was promised marriage by Shivam Trivedi, the man who raped her last December. He had signed a marriage agreement earlier in January that year. Shivam threatened her to withdraw the case and forced for a compromise. The woman died on Thursday after being set fire by four men including the rape accused while on the way to court.

Abandoned islands that have returned to nature

BEYOND Pink App | Dec 07 2019

Ruins have a beauty of their own. Some islands have been reclaimed by nature after humans abandoned them. Some such islands across the world are Ilha da Queimada Grande (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Hashima (Japan), Pollepel Island (New York), King Island (Alaska), Okunoshima (Japan), Poveglia (Italy), Clipperton Island (Pacific Ocean), and Hirta (Scotland).