Indian Army general cycles non stop for 90 hrs in France

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 25 2019

Indian Army General, Lieutenant Anil Puri cycled non-stop for 90 hours and successfully completed France’s oldest cycling event. Covering a stretch of 1200 kms, Paris-Brest-Paris circuit, Anil sacrificed four days of sleep to set the record. With this, Anil Puri has become first serving general of the Indian Army to complete the cycling event.

European countries to make unmanned military vehicles

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 24 2019

A group of European countries, led by Estonia, will develop unmanned military ground vehicles. Estonia will join hands with Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia and Spain in Tallinn to sign an agreement for the development of Modular Unmanned Ground Systems. The funding will come from the European Defense Fund, an agency of European Union.

City offering $1.1mn for those who prove it doesn’t exist

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 24 2019

The German city of Bielefeld is offering $1.1 million to anyone who can prove the town doesn’t exist. It all started when a man named Achim Held published a post on Usenet in 1994 that the city of Bielefeld did not exist. His conspiracy spread and even originated a saying “Bielefeld? That does not exist”. Now, the city is set end to the theory.

Kitten quacks like a duck, becomes Internet sensation

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 24 2019

A new viral video clip shows a kitten “quacking.” In the video, the kitten, Melvin is heard meowing, however, it sounds more like a duck quacking. Since being shared on Facebook, the video post has received over 89,000 views, and still counting. Additionally, the post has also garnered more than 1,200 reactions, comments, and shares.

Madonna, DiCaprio, others raise alarm about Amazon blaze

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 23 2019

Environmentally disastrous large fires, likely lit by cattle ranchers and loggers, have been blazing through the Brazilian rainforest for about a week in the Amazon region. Several celebrities like Madonna and DiCaprio have been speaking out about the potential global catastrophe. Many demand Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro to be more accountable.

Opinion: Qandeel's parents pardoning their son is shameful

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 23 2019

Pakistani Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brothers in a horrifying honour killing case as they condemned her online behaviour. Her parents filed an appeal pardoning their sons for killing her. The appeal was rejected as the law where parents can pardon was repealed by Pakistan. Author wrote that parents actions show what is wrong with the patriarchy.