Indian youth prefer job security over income: Survey

BEYOND Pink App | Oct 14 2019

A new survey has revealed that job security and work-life balance prompt Indian youth to opt for banking and government jobs. The survey from competitive exam preparation platform Oliveboard is based on the responses from 5000 banking jobs aspirants across the country. The survey revealed that 44.3% respondents voted for job stability.

Question on Gandhiji’s suicide shocks students in Gujarat

BEYOND Pink App | Oct 14 2019

“How did Gandhiji commit suicide?” was a question Class 9 students in a school in Gujarat included in an internal examination. Soon after the question came to the notice of education authority, they ordered an inquiry. The school is run by ‘Sufalam Shala Vikas Sankul’, an organisation of self-financed schools that is getting government grants.

Dog perfectly balances objects in his head, goes viral

BEYOND Pink App | Oct 13 2019

A dog named Harlso is going viral on social media for his ability to balance objects on his head. Harlso's Instagram account is full of pictures where he can be seen perfectly balancing things on his head. Harlso the Dachshund’s owner says he was surprised when he discovered that his pet could balance things on his head without dropping.

Social media etiquettes now part of UGC curriculum

BEYOND Pink App | Oct 13 2019

Ethics and etiquettes of social media, how to use Google search better have become part of the curriculum developed by University Grants Commission. Yoga and pranayama and re-sume writing are also part of this “life skills” curriculum of UGC. Jeevan Kaushal, a life skills programme was recently launched or under-graduate courses across the country.

Earthquake measuring 4.5 on Richter scale hits Rajasthan

BEYOND Pink App | Oct 13 2019

An earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale hit Rajasthan on Sunday. It shook Rajasthan's Bikaner, according to media reports. Tremors were felt in Bikaner and nearby areas, with people running out of their houses in panic. There have been no reports of casualties or injuries. The govt has appealed to people to not fall prey to fake news.

PM’s niece Damayanti Ben robbed of cash, phone in Delhi

BEYOND Pink App | Oct 12 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's niece Damayanti Ben Modi fell prey to snatching in Delhi. Damayanti is daughter of Modi's brother. She said that she was carrying around Rs. 56,000 in cash, two mobile phones and important documents in her wallet. Damayanti has filed a case of snatching with a police station in Civil Lines area in New Delhi.