The Middle East calls for boycott of French products

TeamCitymapia | Oct 25, 2020

After President Emmanuel Macron criticised Islamists and vowed not to “give up cartoons” depicting the Prophet Mohammed, Arab nations have called to boycott French goods. Macron's comments came in response to the beheading of a teacher Samuel Paty after he had shown cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed during a class he was leading on free speech.

Repeating polio eradication campaign for suicide prevention

TeamCitymapia | Oct 24, 2020

Author Dr Shwetambara wrote that Indian efforts to eradicate polio proved the country's capability and therefore the same efforts are being replicated for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Government initiatives, aggressive counselling, funding, campaigning, thousands of volunteers, NGOs, and medical professionals can help in achieving it.

Pope endorses homosexual’s family union in a documentary

TeamCitymapia | Oct 22, 2020

Gay Catholics are happy for Pope Francis’s supportive comments made in a documentary titled ‘Francesco’. Thus he became the first pontiff to endorse same-sex civil unions. “Homosexual people have the right to be in a family. They are children of God,” he said in the video. He also shared his concern over many issues like racial and income inequality.

Railways suspends all regular passenger trains till a notice

TeamCitymapia | Aug 13, 2020

The Indian Railway announced the suspension of all regular passenger trains until a notice. However, 230 special trains will continue its ply. In a statement, Railways said that the occupancy of passengers in special trains will be monitored and take necessary steps to increase trains based on the requirement. The suspension linked to the COVID crisis.

Kamala says her mother taught her not to complain but to act

TeamCitymapia | Aug 13, 2020

Don’t complain instead do something to solve the problem, is the advice the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris’s mother gave her. Remembering her mother Shyamala Gopalan, Kamala said her mother had a great role in her life. Shyamala was a breast-cancer specialist who immigrated to the US from Tamil Nadu in 1960.

Pilots told about bad weather: DGCA on Kozhikode Air crash

TeamCitymapia | Aug 10, 2020

The rescue team was taken position soon after the instruction from Air Traffic Control, said Arun Kumar, the Director-General of Civil Aviation. He was responding to the Kozhikode Aircraft crash that killed 18 passengers. The ACT also communicated the bad weather condition and tailwind to the pilots, he said. He added more details are yet to be known.