How mother-child relationship influence your love life

TeamCitymapia | Dec 06, 2021

A mother's identity is much more complex than the image of unconditional love and unwavering support. They live in a deeply misogynistic world and most of them have the same toxic ideas embedded in the belief system. Most mothers pass down the matrilineal pain to their daughters. It even has a name: 'mother wound'. Young women end up internalising the toxic ideas of 'good girl' and disempowering messages. They also neglect and devalue themselves. This shapes who they love and how they behave in a relationship.

How to build a healthy bond with a child as a single parent

TeamCitymapia | Nov 10, 2021

Life is not easy for a single parent. Oftentimes, they find it difficult to balance work and life. It is important to build a strong parent-child relationship because it also serves as the foundation of their future. Here are the ways in which single parents can strengthen bonds with children. Express love as much as possible through a hug or a smile. When a child opens up, listen to them. Play with them. Also try to have meals together as much as possible. Child should be the priority. Make time for them.

Yellow alert in 5 districts, KSDM warns of strong winds

TeamCitymapia | Oct 21, 2021

IMD has sounded a yellow alert for heavy rainfall of 7-11cm in five districts including Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Malappuram. It also issued warnings about strong winds in the state till Oct 24. The Kerala state disaster management authority asked the public to beware of dangers caused by strong winds which could uproot trees.

Survey finds women likely to test parenting skills on pets

TeamCitymapia | May 12, 2021

A recent survey by found that 46% of women are in favour of taking care of a pet before having a child. 42% of them stated that they acquired valuable parenting skills from pet parenting experiences. Another 23% of dog moms said that they plan to adopt a pet before having kids. 54% of the respondents adopted a pet during the pandemic.

Avoid high screen time for your developing toddler

TeamCitymapia | May 01, 2019

With the obsession of screens going strong in today’s generation, the true meaning of childhood is lost. WHO’s guidelines for children below 5 years of age require the kids to be restrained at 1 hour of screen time. Spending around 3 hrs in physical activity and 10-13 hrs in quality sleep is required for proper development of kids at this age.

How to respond when your kids says ‘I Hate You’

TeamCitymapia | Feb 19, 2019

Although it is hard to hear those words from your child, it is important to stay calm and not lash out. Do not make your child feel bad for sharing their feelings. Address why they said it and not the actual words that they used. Do not worry about it if it is just a one of thing, but if your child always says it to you, talk to a family therapist.