Is criticism slowly ruining your relationship

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 22 2019

Relationship researcher John Gottmans says that the habit of criticism can weaken the foundation of a relationship. According to Zach Brittle, couple therapist, criticism is when a complaint is expressed as a character flaw. Criticism is frequently doled out in the form of “you always” or “you never” statements. Use healthier communication instead.

Three common red flags that says you are not a good partner

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 10 2019

Watching red flags in your behaviour might be tougher than pointing out your partner's. But, if you never miss to point out every mistake they make or keep all the ill feelings bottled up, then you are not a good partner. Another most ignored sign is unhealthy codependency where space for friends is too less. You could overwhelm your partner.

Signs that your relationship is moving too fast

BEYOND Pink App | Jul 31 2019

New relationships come with a bunch of questions. But, the risk of moving too fast is dreaded. Some of the signs of moving too fast are going on dates too often, always texting each other, hanging out with each others family, and planning the future together. But, if one of you are fresh out of a relationship, you really need to slow things down.

When You Apologize, Do It The Right Way

BEYOND Pink App | Apr 14 2019

Apologies that are made for the sake of it are an insult to the wronged. It takes courage, but when you do it, do it right. Start by completely owning up your mistakes and not blaming others for it. Choose your words carefully and include the specifics within. Make your apologies direct, face to face or on phone without taking technology shortcuts.

Avoid doing these things before having sex

BEYOND Pink App | Feb 22 2019

There are certain things to be avoided right before having sex. Eating a heavy meal might make you feel bloated. Try to stay away from foods that create bloating. Drinking alcohol or smoking will surely impact the sexual feelings negatively. Allergy pills should be taken hours before sex. Using strong scented products and picking fights would be a put off.

Rise of polygamy among African-Americans in the US

BEYOND Pink App | Feb 21 2019

Polygamy has been practiced around the world for thousands of years in many cultures including Africa. More Black couples in America are resorting to such lifestyles and they are willing to risk societal stigma, heartache, and even arrest to live the way they like. The popularity of polygamy has seemingly exploded in American popular culture.