How mother-child relationship influence your love life

TeamCitymapia | Dec 06, 2021

A mother's identity is much more complex than the image of unconditional love and unwavering support. They live in a deeply misogynistic world and most of them have the same toxic ideas embedded in the belief system. Most mothers pass down the matrilineal pain to their daughters. It even has a name: 'mother wound'. Young women end up internalising the toxic ideas of 'good girl' and disempowering messages. They also neglect and devalue themselves. This shapes who they love and how they behave in a relationship.

What is trauma bonding and how to spot it?

TeamCitymapia | Nov 11, 2021

Trauma bonding is an abusive and distressing relationship with brief moments of positive reinforcement. Most people who find it hard to leave toxic relationships are victims of trauma bonding. Psychotherapist Jourdan Travers describes such a connection as "one minute things are good, and then the next, they're not." The biggest sign of trauma bonding is looking past the red flags for the honeymoon phase. Despite the occasional love bombing, you also feel drained and your partner avoids open communication.

More couples dealing with separation anxiety with reopening

TeamCitymapia | Nov 10, 2021

More couples are reportedly dealing with separation anxiety after the offices were reopened around the world after the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. Over 2/3 of respondents reported that spending time at home together made their relationships stronger, in a 2020 study of 2,002 adults in the UK by eharmony and Relate. "Working from home with a partner allows more time for building emotional intimacy, and establishing new traditions, like coffee in bed," said Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown Ph.D, clinical psychologist.

How to build a healthy bond with a child as a single parent

TeamCitymapia | Nov 10, 2021

Life is not easy for a single parent. Oftentimes, they find it difficult to balance work and life. It is important to build a strong parent-child relationship because it also serves as the foundation of their future. Here are the ways in which single parents can strengthen bonds with children. Express love as much as possible through a hug or a smile. When a child opens up, listen to them. Play with them. Also try to have meals together as much as possible. Child should be the priority. Make time for them.

Three commonly found issues that can end a relationship

TeamCitymapia | Nov 09, 2021

A successful relationship does not have a specific set of criteria. However, there are some issues that have the potential to end a relationship in most cases. Psychotherapist and world-renowned relationship expert Esther Perel says that some of the biggest red flags in relationships are trouble communicating, growing apart, and losing the spark. She notes that relationships require moments that are familiar, cosy, and comfortable. But you also need adventures, healthy risks, and crossing thresholds.

Beauty queen Nova reunites with family after 21 years

TeamCitymapia | Apr 21, 2021

Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens has reunited with her family in Ethiopia after 21 years. Nova's parents sent her to Canada as a child due to the conflict in South Sudan, upon receiving an opportunity to safeguard the life and future. Nova wrote on Instagram that her strength comes from her family and being separated or living alone hasn't been easy.