Women aren't attracted to immature or reckless men: study

TeamCitymapia | Feb 15, 2020

A study by Brunel University London says that women don't find cues that someone is immature, intoxicated, or reckless attractive. Instead, they are attracted to good-looking, intelligent and flirty men. Findings suggest that women also have the evolutionary advantage of figuring men's sexual exploitability based on signs they are drunk or a pushover.

Seven roses of Valentine's week: what each colour signifies

TeamCitymapia | Feb 07, 2020

Valentine's day is around the corner and the tradition involves observing Rose days on the first week of Valentine's. The colour of rose represents the emotion behind the gesture. Some of the popular colours are red (love and admiration), yellow (friendship), white (weddings), purple (infatuation), pink (gratitude), and peach (modesty and sympathy).

Debunking myths about a lesbian relationship - Queernama

TeamCitymapia | Oct 24, 2019

An Instagram series called Queernama is busting the myth about lesbian couples. It says that the relationship is as fulfilling as a straight relationship. It is humane as other relationships And sex is only a part of it. The term "the role of a father" is made up. Two women and their children, biological or adopted, make complete families.

Signs that your relationship is on the right track

TeamCitymapia | Oct 02, 2019

It is normal to wonder if your relationship is doing fine. But the simplest signs can tell you the answer. If you feel comfortable around each other and seek each other's company, things are good. You will also want to introduce them to your friends and family. It is always a two-way communication. And you won't be afraid to talk about the future.

‘Dating’ a criteria to decide teenager’s happiness quotient

TeamCitymapia | Sep 06, 2019

Study states that dating can be a criteria that decides teenagers happiness these days. It was found that teenagers who were not in a romantic relationship have good social skills, low depression and fared better than those who dated. The result invalidates the popular notion that teenagers who date are happier and more content with life.

Is criticism slowly ruining your relationship

TeamCitymapia | Aug 22, 2019

Relationship researcher John Gottmans says that the habit of criticism can weaken the foundation of a relationship. According to Zach Brittle, couple therapist, criticism is when a complaint is expressed as a character flaw. Criticism is frequently doled out in the form of “you always” or “you never” statements. Use healthier communication instead.