Mars could harbour life beneath its surface: study

TeamCitymapia | May 02, 2021

A study at the Brown University says that rocks in the Martian crust could produce the same kind of chemical energy that supports microbial life beneath Earth's surface. The findings were based on the chemical composition of Martian meteorites, rocks blasted off of the surface of Mars. The chemicals if in consistent contact with water can harbour life.

Astronomer finds closest black hole 'unicorn'

TeamCitymapia | Apr 23, 2021

Scientists found a blackhole that is closest to Earth which happens to be 1,500 light-years from here, in a constellation named Monoceros. Scientists have named it ‘Unicorn' due to its uniquely compact size. "Black hole distort the star into a football-like shape with one axis longer than the other,” Todd Thompson, researcher who authored the study.

A New variant of coronavirus found in West Bengal

TeamCitymapia | Apr 21, 2021

After finding a double mutant variant of coronavirus in Maharashtra, scientists have reported a new lineage of SARS-CoV-2, named B.1.618 in West Bengal. It is characterised by a distinct set of genetic variants including E484K and is being called 'an immune escape variant'. It can escape immunity even if a person has the ability to produce antibodies.

Nasa teams up with Sia to celebrate test flight on Mars

TeamCitymapia | Apr 08, 2021

NASA took to Twitter to announce that they have teamed up with singer Sia to celebrate the upcoming first flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter. The video of the music was originally shared on the Twitter handle of Atlantic Records and later re-posted by Nasa. The singer took to Instagram and wrote: "Sia x Ingenuity - Floating Through Space".

Largest Asteroid to pass very nearby Earth on March 21

TeamCitymapia | Mar 12, 2021

The NASA said that the largest asteroid to pass by Earth is expected to be within some 1.25 million miles. The asteroid, 2001 FO32, which is estimated to be about 3,000 feet in diameter, will pass our planet on March 21. The distance the asteroid to approach has been calculated rough .25 times the distance of the Earth from the Moon.

Study links dark personality traits to online aggression

TeamCitymapia | Mar 10, 2021

A study published in Communication Research Reports says that the Dark Triad personality traits are linked to negative online behavior. People who demonstrate compulsive use of the internet score higher in Machiavellianism (manipulative tendencies) and psychopathy. People with greater online self-presentation behavior score higher in narcissism.