Google to roll out earthquake sensing feature on Android

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 13 2020

Google will soon roll out an Android-based earthquake detection feature. The new feature will act like a seismometer and alert smartphone users when an earthquake is imminent. The tiny accelerometers in smartphones can sense signals like earthquake and sends the signal to an earthquake detection server, along with a course location.

NASA maps damage caused by Beirut blast using satellite data

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 11 2020

The extent of devastation caused by the recent blast in Beirut has been mapped by NASA using data from the satellite. The advanced rapid imaging and analysis (ARIA) team collaborated with Earth Observatory of Singapore for the mission. According to the map, the Port of Beirut suffered the most severe damage. The explosion killed at least 163 people.

Why so many COVID vaccines being developed?

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 03 2020

At least 165 COVID vaccines agents are under development in different countries, according to the WHO data. Some of them are in pre-clinical trials stage and some of them are in the final stage of human trials. It is the lower chances of success of vaccines that is why so many vaccines in the fray. Besides, it is also a very high-risk process.

Russian COVID vaccine likely to be available by August 12

BEYOND Pink App | Jul 30 2020

The Russian candidate vaccine for COVID is reported to be ready for registration by August 10-12. Moscow’s Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology developed vaccine is likely to be available for public use soon after the registration. This vaccine was, earlier this month, reported to have successfully completed human trials.

Centre identifies five sites for COVID vaccines human trials

BEYOND Pink App | Jul 28 2020

The Centre is said to have identified five sites across the country for late-stage clinical trials in human. The trial is expected to take place by the end of this year. Several COVID vaccine candidates, including those which are being developed by the University of Oxford, Zydus Cadila and Bharat Biotech, are expected to be included in the trials.

30 year-old volunteer takes first dose of COVAXIN for trial

BEYOND Pink App | Jul 25 2020

As part of the trials in the development of an indigenous vaccine for COVID, a 30-year-old man was given the first dose of COVAXIN at the AIMS in Delhi. Ethics committee will review the health condition of the volunteers who have been given sample doses. Among the 12 volunteers, 10 healthy individuals were selected for the vaccine to be given in phases.