Are electronic sports affected by the gender gap?

TeamCitymapia | Dec 04, 2021

Esports (electronic sports) is a form of competition using video games. In the past two decades, these games have seen the rise of professional players. But, even esports is not immune to the gender gap. 42% of the gamers who watch esports are female but all of eight players competing in this year's The Valorant Champions Tour are men. Of the 300 highest-earning e-sports players, not one is a woman. Despite physical strength not being a factor, it is not understood why so few women make it to the top in esports.

Avani and Ekta - Indian Paralympians who created history

TeamCitymapia | Dec 03, 2021

India bagged a record number of 19 medals at the Tokyo Paralympics despite the pandemic and its challenges. While Ekta did not win a medal, Avani became the first woman to win two Paralympic medals by winning gold and bronze in rifle shooting. Both are not advocating inclusivity and more women in para-sports. Avani is focusing on spreading awareness about the need for girls to study at the grassroots level, especially in villages. Ekta believes mental barriers surrounding disability should be broken.

Jharkhand to ensure women’s participation in Santosh Trophy

TeamCitymapia | Dec 02, 2021

Jharkhand's state sports director Zeeshan Qamar said that the department is determined to ensure that the women's football team plays in the Santosh Trophy. The ongoing work between the federation and the state government may get hampered if the Jharkhand team is denied playing the Santosh Trophy. Chief Minister Hemant Soren and the intervention of the state sports department has been promoting women's sports. AIFF had barred Jharkhand from the Santosh Trophy due to ‘internal conflict’ within the management.

Why gender-sensitive sport development is important

TeamCitymapia | Nov 29, 2021

Ever since the rise in refugees seeking asylum in Europe, many organisations have established sports-based social inclusion programs. However, many women stay away because the majority of participants in such programs are male. Conservative socio-cultural norms might restrict refugee women. Researchers have suggested that in male-dominated sports programmes like football, gender sensitivity must be ensured. It can help with their social inclusion, social development, physical health, and mental health well-being.

WTA seeks answers from China over Peng Shuai's disappearance

TeamCitymapia | Nov 27, 2021

The Women's Tennis Association has threatened to pull out of China if the government does not provide proof of the safety of tennis player Peng Shui. The 35-year-old hasn't been heard from since she alleged that former vice-premier Zhang Haoli forced her into sex. China is one of WTA's biggest markets. It is responsible for a third of the WTA’s revenue. Peng Shui is a Wimbledon and French Open doubles champion. Her post on Weibo was swiftly deleted and scrubbed from China's tightly controlled internet.

Mexican indigenous women's softball team marks their win

TeamCitymapia | Nov 26, 2021

The Little Devils softball team in Mexico has become a sensation for all the right reasons. Coming from a small community on the Yucatán Peninsula, the indigenous Mayan team plays barefoot and wears huipiles, traditional dress. Their wins are a big deal for indigenous communities because women were discouraged from pursuing sports as it was men's domain. Following their suit, a new shoeless team of women have taken up sports. They also wear traditional attire and are called The Yaxunah Amazonas.