Top safari destinations in Africa for a wildlife enthusiast

TeamCitymapia | Apr 15, 2021

Africa is home to one of the most diverse and richest wildlife reserves. Each park is home to hundreds of species. Some of the best safari destinations to include in your itinerary are Maasai Mara National Park (Kenya), Kruger National Park (S. Africa), Chobe National Park (Botswana), Etosha National Park (Namibia), and Hwange Park (Zimbabwe).

Saudi Arabia to build an alluring, gigantic archipelago

TeamCitymapia | Apr 10, 2021

To attract the interests of tourists, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is building a gigantic archipelago resort. Named as Red Sea Project, the destination will be set with 50 luxury hotels and the first one will open in 2022, also is the largest destination in the world powered by renewable energy. Projects aim to enhance and preserve the local environment.

Most beautiful fjords you must visit in Norway

TeamCitymapia | Apr 09, 2021

While Norway is a beautiful country set in the mountains, one of its unique attractions is fjords - long, deep bodies of water. Norway has about 1190 fjords. Some of the stunning, most popular fjords in Norway are Geirangerfjord (UNESCO Site), Sognefjord ((spot local wildlife)), Hardangerfjord ((one of the longest)), ​and Lysefjord (high mountains).

Delhi all set to inaugurate the revamped Chandini Chowk

TeamCitymapia | Apr 08, 2021

Delhi's iconic attraction Chandini Chowk has been revamped with smooth roads, wide pavement, footpath, and green zones. It will be inaugurated by CM Arvind Kejriwal on April 17. The revamped stretch will run from Red Fort to Fatehpuri Mosque, which will remain a non-motorised zone from 9 AM to 9 PM. The historic spot attracts a lot of tourists.

Most iconic museums in the world for history buffs

TeamCitymapia | Apr 06, 2021

Museums are a peek into various aspects of the culture and history of a community. Some of the iconic museums in the world that every history buff must visit are Louvre Museum (Paris), Tate Modern (London), Indian Museum (Kolkata), The Met (New York), The Vatican Museums, Galleria Dell'Accademia (Florance), and Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial (Jerusalem).

Be ready to travel and live in space by 2027

TeamCitymapia | Apr 03, 2021

Space construction firm Orbital Assembly's Voyager Station will be making the dream of living in space come true. They have announced the opening of the world’s first space hotel in 2027. The space station will create artificial gravity using centrifugal force and the hotel will be built in a Ferris wheel shape. It will keep spinning to simulate gravity in its pods.