Must experience things in Banaras - Ankita Sinha

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 19 2019

Banaras is known as the soul city of India. Mythology says that it was founded by Lord Shiva. Some experiences in Banaras that will blow your mind are early mornings at Assi Ghat, a boat ride on the Ganges, Bharat Mata Mandir in the campus of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Ghar Sandhya at Reva Ghat, and the Banaras sari weavers of Lallapura.

Town with only 800 people receives 1mn tourists a year

BEYOND Pink App | Aug 01 2019

Hallstatt in Austria is a town with a World Heritage Site tag. The town has a population of 800 people but it receives around 1 million tourists a year. The town witnessed a dramatic surge in the number of visitors in the last ten years. Nowadays, tourists with smartphones are a common sight in Hallstatt and most of the visitors are from China.

Waterfalls you must visit on your Goa trip

BEYOND Pink App | Jul 31 2019

The lush green part of Goa has a number of breathtaking waterfalls that amuses every backpacker and are very instagrammable locations. Some of those must-visit waterfalls are Dudhsagar Falls, Sada Falls, Harvalem Waterfalls, Hivre Waterfalls, Charavne Waterfall, Kuskem Waterfall, Netravali Waterfall, Kesarval Falls, and Tambdi Surla Falls.

Exploring the world like a millenial

BEYOND Pink App | Mar 22 2019

Here are some myths busted about the generation that loves travelling. Millenials do prefer travelling in groups of like-minded people.They do not mind spending money on experiences. Though the excessive use of social media can be annoying, they do inspire others to pack up and travel to new places. They connect with locals and insist on quality.

Tamanna’s love for travelling is taking her places

BEYOND Pink App | Feb 25 2019

Tamanna loves to travel alone. Her experience with a non-profit organization that worked for Indian artisans took her to several remote hamlets of the country. She started a Traveldossier, an Insta page, to document her unique travel experiences. Her desire to explore and absorb new cultures took her to numerous interesting places in India.

Disney World has Sleeping Beauty cupcakes on anniversary

BEYOND Pink App | Feb 20 2019

To celebrate Sleeping Beauty’s 60th anniversary, Intermission Food Court in Disney World’s All Star Music Resort is featuring a Princess Aurora cupcake as its cupcake of the month. The cupcake is topped with a glittery swirl of pink and blue buttercream frosting. It is topped with a white chocolate princess crown like Aurora’s and is loved by fans.