‘Freedom BEYOND Pink’: Event To Give Women Empowerment Insights

TeamCitymapia | Aug 31 2019

BEYOND Pink App conducted 'Freedom BEYOND Pink' event in Infopark, Kochi on August 23rd. A large number of employees of IBS and US Technologies have participated in the event. 

The concept of the event was based on breaking the gender stereotypes and to shed light on gender conditioning which impacts people's perceptions profoundly. Most times, these perceptions put women and, in a way, men in positions of disadvantages.
Women still shy away from taking basic responsibilities which are mechanical and tool-based, which does not require great physical strength to execute these tasks.
‘Freedom BEYOND pink’ has been designed to encourage women to have this shift in mindset and to encourage them to break the barriers around this notion.
A series of games and activities were planned and women and men participated enthusiastically. Attractive gifts were given to active participants and winners.
The ‘Freedom BEYOND Pink’ event will be telecasted by 24 news on 1st September 2019 at 2 pm.