Why We Still Like The Hamam #GoSafeOutside Commercial

TeamCitymapia | Feb 05 2019

This campaign was created by Ogilvy & Mather, in the year 2017 for HUL’s Hamam.  Until then, this brand of Hindustan Uni Liver (HUL) had only shown commercials showcasing the product benefits.

In a refreshing change of approach, they have shifted their focus from the product to the social value of women empowerment.

#GoSafeOutside is about being self-sufficient to protect oneself and to be safe from attacks. It talks about the need to make young girls fight their own battle of safety by preparing them to learn the art and science of self-defense.

Though we talk and discuss much around woman’s empowerment in general and safety in particular, hardly much progress has been made in the past to physically equipping girls with the techniques of self-defense.

In reality, there are many simple to apply self-help techniques that can be used in a situation of physical attack. Even if the attacker is heavier and bigger in built, these easy to do methods and unexpected moves can knock them down.

While the commercial is about a mother’s bold intention to make her young daughter to be trained on self-defense, it also subtly says how Hamam protects the girl’s skin from the dust and pollution while she is outdoors.